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No. I Folau has forfeited his seat on the unity train.


Born-agains are often the worst.


We agree on the end result, so I’ll just leave it at that.


Take it to the Politics thread, ScoMo-hater.


Freedom of speech doesn’t exist in this country. And if it did it wouldn’t apply to Rugby Australia or the NFL.

He also forgot to mention the 9th sin in that little passage, the sin of Hatred.


When I worked in banking my 2IC was a devout Muslim. 2 years earlier he was taking everything and drinking/f***ing his way round Melbourne. Refound God, got married, made his wife (a doctor) cover up and went full mus.


That’s the good thing about these redemption religions. You can go sick on every vice and as long as you repent in time you’ll be sweet. The Catholics have an even better system where you can break every rule they’ve got but confess and they wipe the slate clean. You can do this every week if you want.


It’s not hate speech because his masters teach (and he seems to believe) that delivering the sinner to the christian god is their only chance at salvation. He probably thinks he is acting to save them. The christian story is powerful and Folau, who doesn’t seem capable of independent thought, is just another over zealous devotee.


or the leader of that anti ■■■ christian sect in america turning out to be gay.

it tends to be the ones wanting to hide something that are the loudest about sin.


Why is Folau being called out for his tweet re homosexuals, but those of us that appear on the same list multiple times have accepted his right to repeat in public what are crucial (idiotic but crucial) moral teachings of his church?
The Bible says some mean stuff about homosexuality so tackle the source of the problem. I think the government needs to pass legislation targeting mainstream religions for peddling this krap, and leave individuals alone.


Folau signed an employment contract whereby he agreed not to broadcast certain views he has that are contray to the interests of his employer. He didn’t sign a contract to not hold these views, just that he wouldn’t broadcast said views to the public.

Qantas is the main Rugby Australia sponsor. to the tune of 4 mil a year. It is well known that the CEO of Qantas is gay. Having endured one twitter rant from Folau, do you think they were going to let another go without either pulling the sponsorship or imposing some form of massive penalty for it. As such his employer was bound to take action. Losing 4 million a year isn’t a trivial amount.

Where would they get this money back? Alcohol? Nope he had a swipe at drunks too (and what Aussie alcohol would need the international exposure given they mostly cater to a domestic market?).

Plenty of employment contracts restrict the ability of their employees to express themselves freely (think the clothes you wear to work, the fact that you don’t tell your clients what you really think of them, drop the c-bomb in meetings etc) and the Industrial Tribunal has held employers have prerogative to set these standards as part of the employment contract (within reason).

I expect if this matter is contested, it will result in a small payment to end the saga. But I don’t expect Folau to win big, because 1) we don’t have freedom of expression codified anywhere and 2) The potential impact that his post would have had on his employer if they did not take action.

Finally I believe Garry Ablet Jr and other AFL players liked the post. It will be interesting to see what if any action is taken against them.


I don’t support employment contracts that are contrary to the universal declaration of human rights. Nothing will be done against other christians who liked the post, as we are a bunch of hypocrites. If a sponsor withdraws their support because one member of the rugby community openly expresses a mainstream religious teaching, exercising a value (freedom of speech) that differentiates our society from brutal authoritarian regimes that crush the opposition or alternate voice, then we can live without their manipulative support.
We have allowed these institutions to occupy a privileged and powerful position in our society, where they are influential throughout government, business and social organisations. Then we go postal on a dumb footballer who doesn’t realise they peddle in lies and deceit.


As we know from recent AFL contracts common law rights can be waived by specific waivers in contracts.
It may not be so clear if a contract contains clauses that are against legislated law, and I believe contracts that contain clauses that are against legislated laws are not enforceable.

In any case, allegedly the recent contract he signed did not include the clauses which enable RA to sack him for “hate speech” however that is defined. When they tried to insert the clauses, he allegedly refused to sign them.
However, there may be other clauses “game into disrepute” which they can get him on.

There will be a code of conduct hearing and its going to get very legal.

So, its not going to be so easy for Qantas to get their way and have him sacked. Of course they could put in some extra money so that RA can afford to hire decent lawyers.