Running With The Bulls

Anyone else see that excerpt of the half time show tonight…Hooker, Hurley, Hibberd & Bellchambers are in Spain and have just done “running with the bulls”

I wonder what the club thinks about that.

Good luck to them I say (especially as it seems they all survived unscathed)

And what about Hurley’s beard…it’s a ripper

been there done that in the hurley thread.

That’s why Blitz is my numero uno source of all things football since 2005.

After dealing with the AFL, ASADA and WADA, the boys are obviously qualified in dealing with bull ■■■■ in all its forms.

Yeap saw that on the news tonight and thought “geez that’s not breaking news, that was soooooo two days ago”.

Also love how they tried to make out that X wasn’t impressed by it, when his tweet looked like it was more in jest.

I suppose the boys will turn up at the Wimbledon Mens Final on Sunday. Waiting for the next tweet.

I’ll be impressed if Hurley got let in

Can somone please confirm that bit I’ve suffered any ‘knocks’