Ryder fails drug test

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Kiwi cricketer Jesse Ryder reported to have failed drug test due to weight-loss supplement

  • From: AAP
  • August 20, 20136:42AM

New Zealand's Jesse Ryder has had a year to forget in 2013. Source: AFP


The troubled cricketer, who has battled alcohol problems and is on a self-imposed exile from the game at international level, said he took a weight-loss product which contained a banned substance.


The Sports Tribunal of New Zealand banned Ryder for six months from April 19, meaning he is free to play for his new provincial side Otago from October 19.


Ryder, 29, was handed a lighter penalty than the standard two-year suspension because he was able to establish how the substances got in his system and convince the tribunal that it was not intended to enhance his cricket performance.


Ryder told the tribunal hearing on August 9 he had bought a dietary supplement and took two capsules five days before being tested on March 24.

He could not find any of its ingredients on a list of banned substances online despite the container carrying a warning label.


"I'm devastated by this situation. I've never taken drugs, to be in this situation distresses me greatly,'' he said in a statement. "I did take steps to check the supplement, but ultimately it was my responsibility and I accept that.


"I simply took the supplement alongside a training program I was completing to help me lose weight.''


The tribunal said Ryder tested positive for 1-Phenylbutan-2-amine (PBA) and N, alpha-diethyl-benzeneethanamine (DEBEA), both of which are banned in competition.


Ryder was tested three days before he was assaulted outside a bar in Christchurch, suffering a head injury and spending two days in an induced coma.


He was told about the positive test soon after his release from hospital, on April 12, and accepted a provisional ban one week later.


Ryder, who has received anti-doping education, said he was a strong supporter of Drug Free Sport New Zealand but failed to contact the organisation for advice.


"I'm aware of the precautions you need to take; I did take steps to check the supplement but ultimately it was my responsibility and I accept that.''


His lawyer Simon Moore QC defended the length of the ban from the Sports Tribunal.


"I think it has got the balance dead right,'' he said.


Cricketers' union boss Heath Mills said it was a disappointing situation and Ryder had to take responsibility for what went into his body, but he had its support.


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Already posted in the ASADA thread anyway.

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