(SACK SCOTTY) Round 17 Non Ess Games


Go Crows tonight !


No spicy mcnuggs in the title?


Are they back ?




I was inspired by all the nugg talk and bought nuggs for the first time in years. The spicy ones, can’t teally review as I’ve got no reference to normal. They were like nuggs.


Can’t even do the ■■■■■■■ thread properly. Where’s my ■■■■■■■ nuggs!!!


Legit didnt even know there was a game tonight.


Actually, there’s some damn good games on this weekend.


A few games fall our way and we rocket back into “mathematically possible” calculations.


Hopefully Geelong win


Last Thursday night game for the home and away season. No doubt they will roll out one on week 1 of the finals.


I’m guessing one of those is the game at Metricon


Mini final


Plus the Freo game. If we can’t easily put away a Freo side without Fyfe, Sandilands and Ballantyne arc Etihad. - I’ll be ■■■■■■.

This week - Eagles have Kennedy, Darling and Lacras back. Tempted to change my tip now.


Alex Morgan named on the extended bench for North. Presumably he’ll end up as an emergency. Has he been an emergency earlier in the year?


I presume you believe this result is better for us.
It isn’t !

Keeping Adelaide in the fight for the 8 and motivated is a better result, given they still play a number of sides just above us (Nth, GWS, Melb).
Plus if Gee lose tonight, they are far from safe themselves.

Given we’re currently on the same number of wins as Adelaide, and only 3.2% off (an extra 7 goals in our against column), we can easily catch them if we’re good enough !



Yep this. If Adelaide win, we could then level up with both them and Geelong (if we win). Big for us if the Crows win - I’ve tipped them (more from hope than anything).

Want Sydney to beat North too.


Very disappointed Maccas discontinued the Grand Mac, have had to settle for the regular size this evening.




It’s the last one for the year, but what’s wrong with it?