(SACK SCOTTY) Round 17 Non Ess Games


Player takeover round on fox footy has been good this week. Much more pleasant listening to Riewoldt, Fyfe and Lewis tonight than Dermot and co.


Yep got it exactly.

Plus i want Geelong and their holy trinity to miss the finals.




Walker is gone for a week, took Touhay high


Tex Wanker strikes again.


See ya in a month or so TEx


Walker is a flog


Gibbs is also going to be either fined or suspended fro hitting Selwood off the ball.


Just quietly - the umpiring. Fk me it’s all over the shop bad.


LOL at the Adelaide crowd… yes, you should boo your sniping captain.


Free for HTB to Murphy just then…there is not a circumstance in the world where we’d get paid that.

Simpson picked it up, half a step to get around Murphy, you tried to evade - gone! Pannell.


Need you say more


Cats haven’t got a hope, their midfield is still crap.


Can we clone Sloane and put him in red and black?


■■■■■■ tipped Geelong.


Geelong are playing crapola


I tipped Geelong as well. ■■■■■


This is pathetic.


Just when Geelong give you hope, they spud it up


I think it will be alright.