(SACK SCOTTY) Round 17 Non Ess Games


Yep. Menzel should hang his head in shame and be sent to the VFL with Buzza.


I reckon they are smashing clangers too


Well done Jenkins, that was comedy football, much to enjoy


Getting nostalgic with some of these holding the ball calls. Last time I remember us getting one of them was at my first full season of watching…in 1959.


I put my money on Adelaide - 9.5

No relaxation here.






Whos this pelican?


I think it’s film director Stephen Soderbergh.


Ex SANFL player and is a media personality in Adelaide. Hosts a FM breakfast show and does the C7 sport on the news.


tonights game should be a ripper


Finally, the AFL will get their desired nil-all draw result. That’ll shut down those soccer freaks.


U wot m8


I’m wondering how they’re going manage to talk this one up, pre-game. There is absolutely nothing to be excited about.


Walker should have got 2 weeks for that hit.


Yes, he means you, McLovin!


and an extra week for being a ■■■■


Pumped for game of the decade. Fitting it’s on Friday night. 7 must be licking their lips at the ratings bonanza.


Zaka on the players takes over show on Foxtel before the game. Said he’s pushing to be back for Freo but most likely Sydney!


just tipped fark carlton. pls ban