Sam Mitchell - Assistant Coach?


I hated the dirty ■■■■ while he played and it’s fair to say my distaste for this douche canoe has intensified. That he thinks he is a legitimate Brownlow medallist says it all about him. Little twat.


Isn’t a brownlow medalists ■■■■■■■■


What do you think now @Preliminary_Point2? Get him on board? Unify the club? :smile:


Who in the hell, even Hawthorn supporters, would buy that book?


Sam Mitchell can GAGF.


Shut this topic down !

Remembering what that little prik did and the thought of that c*@*t coming to our club makes me angry, - again.

Never forget and never forgive ! They can all go and get farcked, all of them , all of them !


exactly, that little flog doesn’t even deserve to be talked about as much as he has been


Sam Mitchell


Happily sits in the pantheon of good footballers who are ■■■■ people. They achieve success and respect they don’t deserve. Standing in life is disproportionate to the stature of their character. In short he can FOAD.


And a Jobe Watson gets ■■■■■■ over… in relation to and by such a ■■■■■■■. This ■■■■ benefits from it.


I just read his “fall short of calling them victims” line

FCK THAT TNUC. ■■■■■■■ die. Let’s bury these turds, let’s beat the ■■■■ out of them on the scoreboard and on the field. If that line doesn’t fire up the boys than nothing will.


His family will reject copies of the book as gifts


Beep beep beep…
Is that the sound of a truck backing-up I hear?


Don’t insult ladyboys. At least they have balls.


So we shouldn’t look at him then…?


I’d still look at him, however I’d prefer if we looked at him like Lenin’s corpse


He just trying justify in his own mind that he is a brownlow medalist. Deep down he knows that he will never be considered one by most.


Brownfaux Medalist.


There’s been lots of talk about Essendon not having enough ■■■■ in it. We get him in, we’ll have a century’s worth of it.


Wrong sort of c**t though, …