Sam Mitchell - Assistant Coach?


Misguided wives and/or children as Fathers Day gifts. a few more at Xmas time after the discounts kick in.


What a f**kin’ germ.



He recalled in his interview on SEN earlier in the week a junior coach telling the group that if they were lucky that maybe, maybe two of them could be good enough to go on to an AFL list. Mitchell played juniors with D Cupido and said he was far and away the best player there so he figured that he’d have to fight like fark to get the other spot.

Mitchell is a ■■■■, but he’s a driven ■■■■ who became a very successful ■■■■. **** aside, he could be a good addition to a coaching panel.




playing mind games. He knows this is a sore point and might affect the suspended players in the team. It’s not a coincidence that this has come up just before we play Whorethorne!

If I ever see him on the street, I’m gonna coward punch him. By coward punch, I mean I’m going to punch that coward in the head.


Trying to sell his book and make some money. The blood boils so best to ignore this germ.

I hate that whilst we went through such a painful period they won 4 flags. Ugh the tide will surely turn right…


IMO there’s no way known he’ll darken our club’s doorstep. But I’m enjoying reading such words about the dirty little gerbil.
I told a couple of Hawks mates 5-6 years ago I thought he was a ■■■■. They thought I was mad and one of them brought it up later with some other mates when we were all at the pub. They all agreed he’s a ■■■■.


I’m pretty sure he is a bloke of limited intelligence and empathy.

He would have no interest in being with us and the club would feel the same way.

He’s a self righteous little twerp regarding his comments about the drugs saga.

Would only consider him in a specialist role as a kicking coach when the AFL allows players to kick each other which I suspect they will implement halfway through the third quarter of a roster game at some point.


You don’t need to read it so Whoreforn supporters aren’t disadvantaged.

Sneaky peak preview.


Could we have that clip playing in the EFC foyer as he walks into the fake interview followed by a [email protected] offf


Just shows what kind of guy he is… complete narcissist, all about how the drug saga could affect him.


I don’t want that S.O.A.B anywhere near our club. I’m just upset that he’s not playing for the Hawks today, so Stringer could shirtfront him into next year.


There is no way he is coming to Essendon.


Narcists don’t need reasons.


Do not want. Better suited to Carlton.


I was wandering through K-Mart last night and saw his books on the shelf in the book section.

I picked them all up and then hid them behind the pillows in the homeware section.


Too far to the nearest toilet, or too obvious?


With the soft items where he’ll fit in


Were they like him…soft?