Sam Mitchell - Assistant Coach?


Our defence dollars at work.


Fighting terrorism at home


Soft, i would have burnt down the store


that is so so funny - well done.


Remind me to go to my local Kmart. This week.


Premiership winning assistant coach. YUK




■■■■ him


And the horse he ■■■■■■ on the way into town.




I’d welcome him with open arms and a knee to the groin.




Hopefully that means he stays over there.


Senior coach in waiting.
Reckon he’s going to be premiership winning coach too.
Essendon are in pursuit of excellence, right?
Bring the bloke in.
Yeah, he’s a prick of the highest order (remind you of anyone?)
But I don’t care.
I want the best at my club.
Unfortunately, the decisions already made and it doesn’t involve Essendon


OK, but which one of you is farking him, and who is farking the horse?


The guy taunted our players at one of the low points of the saga. If he sets foot in our club as an official, it proves there is nothing left of us as a club.


C*nt of the highest order. Keep him away from the club.

Sht bloke. Fcken sh*t bloke.


I see it differently. People make mistakes, especially in the heat of battle. We move on. There’s something about the bloke. Reckon he’ll be a brilliant coach and if he is, I wouldn’t mind him coaching Essendon. But that’s me


People do make mistakes, but this is a guy who wrote in his book recently that [in regards to banned Essendon players] “I struggle to work out how they are victims”

Imagine him fronting up to the leadership group on the first day


Accepted Jobe’s Brownlow in the heat of battle too?