Sam Mitchell - Assistant Coach?


He’s a Carnt simple as that, your on your own with this bloke. I’m getting farcking angry again, shut this farcking post down. That little carnt doesn’t deserve air space on our Blitz.


Was not well liked at Hawthorn apparently…so yeah a kunt of a bloke


Dropped from the Barby Balcony within 10 minutes.


Another premiership from a coach that came out of the hawks system, how many flags is that now in the past 10 years? I’m astounded we still haven’t brought in a coach from the hawks in some form, not necessarily Mitchell but someone… anyone would be good.


Did he say why he was leaving WCE after only one year as assistant coach?


Because they all think he’s a [email protected]



Send him up to the Suns or Farkcarlton. Better suited to those environments.


If business decisions are made using emotion, your business won’t last.


To be a successful football club the players have to have faith in their coach and respect him. Can’t see Mitchell getting much respect from the Essendon boys.


You don’t know that.

In fact, I bet they would love him if it meant their chance for a premiership increases.

Just remember, we had Greg “farking” Williams working for us. “GREG FARKING WILLIAMS.


That might be a meaningful comparison if we wait 20 years before employing Mitchell. The current players won’t like him. At least the saga impacted ones. In 20 years (even 7) it won’t matter, when the saga players are all gone


How do you think the Saga players will feel if he goes to farkcarlton and wins a flag in the next 7 years?


There’s a rumour one of the Hawks alumni is coaching farkCarlton.
How’s he going?


I don’t think the players would feel any different then they do today after West Coast won the flag.


Anyone would think this flog was the last assistant coach on earth, reading some of these posts.


Except Greg Williams didn’t directly taunt players on our list, did he?


Or gleefully accept a fraudulent Brownlow, stolen from our scapegoated Captain.


Just when you think you’ve seen as stupid as blitz can get…


Which side of the argument are you talking about?


You have not thought about this very much. Our midfield, at least in the second half of the season, is arguably as good as any. Why would you change the successful structure we have now for someone some of the players would think very little of and the Club would have to do a huge PR job on it’s own members/followers so this sleazy scumbag can get a gig? We are not likely to hear much from saga players at all in seven years time. Unless they work in the media or for the Club.