Sam Mitchell - Assistant Coach?


Let’s bring in Vlad as CEO and Fitzpatrick as President while we’re at it.


I don’t put it beyond Clarkson to send Mitchel to West Coke, with a view to draft Gaff.

That is the way the bloke thinks. What’s in it for Mitchell? A coaching job.


Our midfield couldn’t beat a depleted Richmond and Collingwood midfield.


Yes, but look what a decade and a half of hiring only nice Essendon-y folk has achieved for us.


I’d much rather Hogde as a coach than Mitchell and I hate that Jenny Craig eating basterd


Plenty of non Essendon folk that didn’t taunt our players on field.


Lol so forget that the last 7 premierships have come from coaches from the hawks system and focus on the one that hasn’t had any success yet but is still senior coach mind you. You don’t think we should be getting someone from there as an assistant?? i still think Bolton may be a success long term. Also fagan has turned the rabble at Brisbane around too.


There is not much love anywhere for illegitimate cannibals.


6 actually, not 7.


Saw 45 new posts, thought he had done his knee walking down the street…talk about a disappointment!


He coached north Launceston and wasn’t really that special. May have got them to a prelim once or twice but that was about it. Never played AFL but I suppose there’s been a few of those.

I worked with a bloke who’s highest footy achievement was being in the mariners squad. I don’t think he got a game. Somehow he got the assistant job under Gary Ayres at some VFL club (port melb?).

It’s apparently not hard to get a gig as an assistant, because Bolton landed on his feet under Clarkson, who clearly identified with him because he was a odious, wall punching, king hitting, gremlin.




They don’t have to be Essendon insiders, and in fact proven talent from other clubs is desirable. (Proven talent means a) has actually played AFL football, and b) has played in or been head coach of an AFL premiership-winning side.) So Mitchell isn’t disqualified on that ground.

But they also have to be decent human beings. Mitchell is disqualified because he’s not one.




Must be something in the Tassie water‼️🙄


Back in Australia now mate. Set up camp in Swan Hill.


Rutten. Don’t underestimate his acquisition.


McCartney, who has strong credentials as assistant coach, would not meet your criteria.


You have a shop there now too?


Can we close this thread?
He’s going to Hawthorn and seeing his name keep popping up makes me feel physically ill.