Sam Mitchell - Assistant Coach?


No mate. Darli has re entered the corporate world, and strangely enough, the head office is in Swan Hill.


Which is why he would be a bad choice as head coach.


I was referring to your criteria for assistant coach, which would rule out McCartney as an assistant coach


Not many head offices in Swan Hill, health or agriculture at a guess from former Cohuna boy, (well my mum at 92 is still there)


Fair enough. Premiership experience is needed for a senior coach (unless you’re very lucky); the need to be a decent human being applies to assistants as well.


Wealth management actually.
And to be fair, head office is here because it was founded here.
There are also offices in Melbourne and Manilla.


That’s a weird t-shirt.

Swan Hill


Manilla - wow that’s interesting - close to twangin’ Tamworth I guess (which is a plus)


Lol. Blame my spelling skills.
Or lack thereof


Welcome to the border region Boot - you can have my water when I am finished with it.


Appreciate the offer.


Can you take it to another thread folks? :slight_smile:
I get palpitations every time I see that Hawthorn shitstain’s name appear at the top of my feed…


To his credit they are very neat, perfectly vertical shitstains.


No one wants saggy shitstains.