Sam Mitchell - Assistant Coach?


No thanks.


This club is on its way to the ultimate success.

Don’t want to share that with an x hawthorn flog.


Mitchell is a somethin somethin dirt bag.

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Right now we dont need this guy, so apart from the fact he is a turd with a stolen charlie hanging around his neck, we have 2 midfield coaches who have improved our midfield from 16th in the comp to second in the comp in 12 months. If we need a new line coach anywhere, maybe its the forward coach.

Really. Those who are saying Skipworth cannot coach, tell me, what is Mitchells record as a coach. Compare it with Skipworth and Pops Kelly ( the latter is also loved and respected by the players )

TBH, its a no brainer. Skipworth / Kelly stays. Mitchell need not apply.


The thing is that he probably wouldn’t. Some players are just incompatible with certain clubs, and Mitchell is one of them. Leigh Matthews was another. Those two players spent so much time hating Essendon, and Essendon has spent so much time hating them, that it would be a waste of time trying to make them work together.


The way I see, if we were to get him, either he is a good coach that improves our team; or he is a bad one and we get to introduce him to the cannon. I’ll enjoy either outcome.


Came across as a bit of a ring on the wireless this morning.


What if he was a staunch anti pokie advocate? Hmmmmm


I got boomed.


If we recruited him and sacked him immediately after the pre-season it would guarantee us the 2019 premiership.


The counter to that argument is Diesel Williams.

Aroused the ire of David Rhys-Jones by saying he was barracking for us against those flogs…the blue flogs, not the red and white flogs. Not that those two are members of a mutual admiration society.


Let’s face it, the guy is a c*ck.

That’s all.


Could be said about Clarkson, Malthouse etc as well.


Yeah definitely. Cause they are.




In: Mitchell
In: Gaff
Out: Mitchell


Yes, big on empathy towards himself and saying his current priority was WCE while doing book launches all over the place.


Apparently isn’t well liked at WC…


This is really hard to believe!



This ■■■■■■■■ is so smug on 360 tonight. Commented that he would do things different re: the incident with Essendon.

Bullshit. C**t. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: