Sam Stosur unappreciation thread


A new top player for the womens, great to see.


Will be interesting to see how far Ostapenko goes in the future, especially in the next 6 months - It was a completely unexpected victory - Think Wawrinka can take a set off Rafa in the men's final.


Rafa absolutely embarassed Stan, was great to see. 10th French Open title and 3rd time he has won it without dropping a set


Rafa was born for clay - Roger knew what he was doing when he skipped the French Open.


GOAT - Top 5?
1. Fed
2. Nadal
3. Djokovic
4. Sampras
5. Laver


Sampras would be above joker wouldn't he?


I love Novak but Sampras is above him until Nole can finish his career strongly. He's had a poor last year.


Yep, fair call(s). Sampras above Djoker...


Right-ho, Andrew Maher!

AT means all time, not the last ten years.
Chucking Laver in as an afterthought doesn't count.


Laver isn't even the best tennis player australia has produced.


Borg would, in my opinion, be the only other arguable entrant into that 5. But who do you drop out? Djoker? Who else could you include? Tilden? Emerson?

I can understand having Laver higher than "5" but I would argue the names are accurate...


Lay off the Serb. He's having personal problems.


Borg was a great player but loses cred for not playing the AO because it was 1) too far and 2) too hot.


Detractors of players from previous generations often cite the lack of world-wide player participation as seen today as reason to qualify them in relation to the modern day counterparts but L Laver was such a good all-round player that he'd be awesome in any era. No doubt.


Any relation to R?


Uncle. He was way better than R


6 Malivai Washington


Doesn't make what I said any less true, he doesn't have the clay like Rafa to fall back on when he finds the going tough. It's tough love but I'm sure he'll come through.


Kokkinakis just beat Raonic at queens 7-6 7-6.
Good to see him back and winning after a long lay off with injury. Hopefully he isn't a ■■■■ head like the other top aussie male players... yet to see him play so not sure