Sam Stosur unappreciation thread


Even bigger. Jordy Thompson knocks off Andy (fuck face) Murray in straight sets. He was a lucky loser as well! Good start to the aussies on grass courts


He's a bit arrogant on court, sorta like hewitt, but can't recall him doing kyrgios level tanties or tomic. Just likes the crowd to be on his side so he tries to gee em up all the time.


B Tomic does just enough to earn a living and that's it.


Good way to live.


It's not bad but it would be unfulfilling. Living half-arsed isn't really living.


He'll be our 4th ranked Aussie male by the end of the year I reckon. I wonder if he cares


Tomic was really, really good as a youngster and teen, now he'd rather be known as not trying than legitimately not being good enough. And I think deep down it'd hurt him knowing he's never going to be as good as he thought he was going to be.


I never thought about it like that before. Reckon that might have some merit to it.


I guarantee he's living way more full arsed than you or I, and doing so by only working half arsed. Good luck to him, .. he has free will to do as much, and earn as much, as he damn well pleases.

Let's not frget he's playing a meaningless inconsequential game for a living, . it's not like he's a fkn Brain Surgeon or something where being the best you can be actually matters.


Is anyone debating that tennis is more important than saving lives? Jesus talk about your all time gobbety-gook post makes no sense. It matters to them because it's their lives and it matters to us because it's a tennis thread and we're talking tennis. But no, you don't need to tell us that tennis is less important than a doctor, but thanks.

By the way I don't know how Diggers lives (outside of rubbing himself off over Franklin comments) but I'm sure he puts in more effort into his life than what Tomic does.


He's living his life the way he wants, and there's no eveidence he finds it unfulfilling, end of fkn story..


You are a very angry man.


I would say there's an extraordinary amount of evidence to suggest he finds it unfulfilling going by what the actual guy says himself, but I'm sure that won't stop you from another pointless blabbering defence from you for someone in yet another thread.

You're a buffoon, stick to clogging up the hanger where you might actually have a clue. By the way, the ability to include a smiley with every post doesn't make you any more intelligent or your points any more logical but I'm sure that won't stop you.


Need an ignore button badly. Too many fools.




Do everyone else a favour then.


GFY. Twice.


What the Hell is going on?


Topic is genuinely very talented. Unfortunately he's about as athletic as a hippo and is not the sharpest tool in the shed. These traits will stop him being a consistent top 10 player.


This thread turned mean