Sam Stosur unappreciation thread


Class of generations.


Like I was saying, .. he doesn't seem to want it that much, . if at all, at least yet.

Might be quite happy cruising as he is, without all the pressure, but still making plenty.

What should be appreciated though, is the way he seems to care & put in as far as Davis Cup is concerned of late. He seems to have matured in that regard and has earnt a bit of respect for mine.

Also think he's imparted a similar sense to Kygios for it too, . but that's just a theory.


Davis Cup? Not this year anyway, I think you're thinking of Kyrgios there


Maybe. ... Last year perhaps?


He seemed to be going better when his father was out of the equation for that little while. Can't help but wonder if his reappearance has had something to do with the Davis Cup no-shows this year, and a general lack of form.


We need James's kids to play tennis and show them how it's done.

Class, dignity, poise.


From the greet man himself ... “I don’t care about that match point – would you care if you were 23 and worth over $10 million”.

Nothing else to say about him after that really..


Triple KKK has a more rounded game than Kyrgios, provoding he is injury free.


Talented, but he doesn't have a killer shot.
His serve is adequate, his ground game is nice, but lacks the ability to crack a winner off either side. He relies on spin on the ball. His game is unusual, but I think he's starting to be worked out now. Apart from the other traits you've identified.


Barty into the final in Birmingham after beating Muguruza 3-6 6-4 6-3
She plays Kvitová who beat Safarova after she retired 6-1 1-0


Aus not off to the greatest start on the grass ..

Nicks got the trainer out. .. .

And retires hurt. Bugger.


Probably explains his lack of ticker :grin:


Could tell he was in pain. He made the right call.


Wouldn't he wait until 2 matches before to fold if that was the case?


Stan out in the first round


Cost me a nice fkn multi


the Stanimal gives zero ■■■■■ about your bets.




Almost put a multi on including Kyrgios and that was after forgetting to put money on Brisbane...guess you win some, lose some... Although I should know to NEVER put money on Kyrgios or Tomic. EVER.


Kokkinakis vs DelPo, stoked to see Tko back out there. Win or lose, should take some inspiration from DelPo finally climbing back into the seedings. The Semi he played at Wimbledon vs Djokovic was one of the best matches I've ever seen.