Sam Stosur unappreciation thread


I’m gonna go abuse him on twitter like those gambling trolls do


in broken english?


'hey ugly you're not one of the worlds biggest families'


It's actually good to bet on Tomic, because if he's about to lose he'll retire and you get the refund


Tomic not trying again


Watching the two Aussie blokes at the same time. Such a contrast.


Kocky doing ok.

1 set all, and about to tie break the 3rd.


Of all our aussie players, only Арина Родионова has got through so far


Kok - Visible Emotion - Black Ear things = LANGFORD.


C'mon mate, .. hang in there ...


Kokks out, Jordy holding on




Calling @Stallion and @barnz.


Tomic's presser was interesting.

Said he was bored


Zero men through to the second round of Wimbledon. When did that last happen? we had 4 through last year


Was an amazing press conference.

He's honest at least. We all sometimes turn up to work and do it for the money.

I wonder with sponsorship and prize money available these days that more sports might succumb to this.


It's an interesting attitude to have (to put it nicely).
Certainly doesn't affect everybody though, I don't see Serena doing it for the money, she's got enough and just really seems to love tennis.


As I said in an earlier post, Tomic is not the sharpest tool in the shed by any means.


If he drops out of top 100 and has to qualify for slams, then the money will dry up and his theory might not work out.

He'll be around 80 after this I think. Imagine him applying for an Aus Open wildcard. Wonder if they would give him one


Surprised the sponsors haven't jumped off yet.

And he only says he was bored because he was outplayed, so he makes it sound like he wasn't trying hard enough when the fact is he wasn't good enough


That's the sad thing in that he actually thinks he is.
He would of walked out of that press conference thinking man did I give it to those press wankers especially the part about giving the money back if Fed does also.
In reality what in the hell did Fed have to do with anything?
Complete ■■■■■■■.