Sam Stosur unappreciation thread


He still has sponsors?
He's got his money (he's told us all before), the game doesn't interest him. Why don't you just **** off and don't let the door hit you on the way out?


And give up all that money? I wouldn't.


He's going to get a rude shock when finds out how much money is in the Challenger circuit



"Have you thought of giving the money back?"

Stupidest question I've ever heard.


Stupid people get stupid questions.


Guy mentally looks like hes doing his 3rd year at safeway, but banking millions, would switch places in a heartbeat.


I want a reporter to ask me if i would give the money back after spending half the day on Blitz while at work.


We sometimes forget that B Tomic has been playing competitive tennis for years on end and maybe it's giving him the sh*ts? The same thing, day after day, year after year would give me the sh*ts, too. What else can he do but tennis? I have no doubt he feels it's a job and all jobs become tedious after a while. It looks like a glamorous life but living out of a suitcase for 11 months of the year leaves little time for anything else. If you get a chance, read A Agassi's excellent "Open" autobiography for someone else who also hated tennis from time to time. I mean this in the nicest possible way but I don't give a sh*t about whether he wins or loses either. If he walks away with a house + enough money to support himself for the rest of his life then he's done well.


I agree. The bloke does not owe "Aussies" or "straya" anything. Navratilova is riduclous for telling him to give it up. It's professional, i.e. it's a job, if he makes enough money to live the life he wants then good on him. I know it's the fans and sponsors who allow them to make this money, but that's due to those at the top. The bloke probably didn't finish school, has a stupid father and is probably not the sharpest tool in the shed himself. Unfortunately, the media drives this mentality that some numpty sitting on their ■■■■ at home is owed something, same reason why they always rake Stosur over hot coals for choking, yet others win two fifths of ■■■■ ■■■■ all, and are pumped up by all and sundry...


Maybe he can pay back the taxpayers money that was invested in him by Tennis Australia before he retires sat the age of 32. He owes us that much.


You mean tax his prize money and sponsorships?


What about all those ais failures do they have to pay it back?

Anyone that's benefited from govt schemes?


Well the stupid FFA and Frank Lowy should also pay back 48 mil in tax payer funds with that stupid Soccer World Cup bid. We are made to pay tax on centrelink payments once we start earning, so why should some goon who can hit a ball with some cow gut be exempt? In saying that, he owes us nothing, blame the system. Also I 100% agree with @barnz 's point.

Also, Pat Rafter lived in Bermuda for a reason, but nah what a good bloke, Philippousis was ■■■■ for not winning a slam...


Are there any figures on how much public money was spent on him at the cost of a normal teenage life?




You wouldn't want to know the answer.


Vekic v Konta.

What a classic. Haven't enjoyed chick tennis that much for years.


Bomber Girl and Barnz summed it up perfectly. Let Tomic get on with his life. I would hardly worry about AIS funding. Tomic got to number 16 in the world. Most of the AIS recipients of funding don't make the Top 100.


The $20k fine + losing his racquet sponsor is pretty harsh. Listening to his post match presser again, I wouldn't be surprised if B Tomic is depressed. If he turns out to be suffering from a mental illness then the good people at Wimbledon and Head would want to take a good look at themselves.