Sam Stosur unappreciation thread


Think the moral of the story is tò remain silent. As if Tomic was the only player who didn't give 100% in his match. Losing his racquet sponsor. Is this really happening or is it spin from Head.


That's right. Keep your gob shut and you'll get paid.


Sometimes you need to open your gob to get paid. Ask @Reboot


Probably just needs to take 6 months off and determine if he wants to keep playing.
No point in continuing as he has this year.


I think we would've been better off had sport stayed amateur. The standard wouldn't necessarily be that much lower, and the only ones playing would actually want to be there.


Rafa in trouble here. Dropped the first 2 sets but has come back to win the next 2. Muller up 12-11 in the last


Muller wins 15-13. Thoroughly deserved it, played much better than Rafa


An awesome match.

Two guys who simply refused to lose.


Muller is having the season of his life - at 34!


Gotta try and sleep after that now. My body clock is ■■■■■■


Is there a fake sad-face emoticon?


Just use whatever you used for when Sydney beat Essendon.




With Thiem and Zverev both gone now, I'll just cheer for whoever is playing against Murray.

Also hope Ostapenko can beat Venus Williams today


Halep at $7 to win the tournament seems like good odds too


That's a good idea.


Big Sam Querrey! Up a break in the final set against Murray. Get it done Son!!!!


Oh my!


and he's gone :smiley:


Wow. Querry, .. did the thing ...