Sam Stosur unappreciation thread


A shock on court 1 - Novak retires.


Yikes. It's going to be an interesting result... or just a walk in the park for Fed


I thought Raonic would have pushed him a little more than that.
Fed will dismantle Berdych, the other semi is a bit tougher to call.


I'd still expect Cilic to win, much better player and more experienced on the big stage. Agree on Fed though. I reckon he'll take it out from here without much trouble


Engrave Feds name on it now. None of the guys left will take a set off him let alone beat him


Yep, good call. He hasn't dropped one yet, and he hasn't had the easiest draw


Mental illness and being a mental midget are 2 different things.
Do you really think that he should not cop a penalty on the chance that he might have a mental illness? Let's close all of the jails....


Yes, I do. Would he have been fined if he had strained a calf muscle? I'm not qualified to diagnose what B Tomic's mental condition is but what he is doing and saying are some of the signs that he may be depressed.


First the Spaniard, now the Scot and the Serbian. ZIPPEDEEDOODAH!




Isn't Tomic still an Australian resident? Therefore he still pays tax here. Therefore probably paid back all that ais investment.




He lives in Monaco now as far as I know. So he may not necessarily pay tax in Aus


That's typical Diggers to stomp on a bloke whilst he's down and injured.




What is the meant to spell? Is this like your frequent Franklin org*sms?


It spells 'EAT SH*T, NOLE!'.


First Women's semi over in a hour


Next match should be better. Konta is doing really well. Therefore at the moment she's an aussie traitor rather than just a dirty pom :wink:


Not looking too good for Konta. Down a set and 1-4 in the 2nd