Sam Stosur unappreciation thread


You're making things up, I've never wrote off Roger. Show me the quote of me doing this or kindly sample this bowl of sh*t I have previously prepared for you, muppet breath.


Stop trying to sleaze your way out of this, celery neck.


No need to get sooky about being wrong, tartare face.


The father of former Australian tennis player Mark Philippoussis has been arrested in the US over allegations he molested two minors, San Diego police say.

Nikolaos Philippoussis was working as a personal tennis coach in the city. It is alleged the victims were students.

In a statement posted to Twitter, police said they were looking for “more victims”.


Oh no…


The Tomic interview was interesting. P Rafter, in a round a bout way confirmed what Tomic said about him.

It’s funny, but this has similarities to how I my perception of L Hewitt changed after an incident at the US Open against J Blake. I didn’t like Hewitt’s antics and supported A Agassi’s statement at the time that if Hewitt keeps carrying on the way he was, someone would ‘wax’ him in the changerooms. He was a right DH. But in the incident with Blake, when he accused a black umpire of bias because both he and Blake were of the ‘same’ background changed things. It showed that he was human after all and that emotions can get the better of him just like anyone else. In an ironic twist, I liked him after that. He wasn’t a racist and he apologised afterwards. Now, Tomic hasn’t accused anyone of race collusion but his honesty appeals to me. He sometimes doesn’t like tennis and doesn’t care how he goes. I don’t care how he goes either and he doesn’t owe me or anyone anything. This bullsht about deporting him for being ‘un-Australian’ is ludicrous. Not giving a sht is what Australians do best. Ironically, I want to see him play because you don’t what B Tomic is going to show up. I love it.


Tomic sounds to me like a kid who always thought he was destined for greatness, was always told by everyone around him he was destined for greatness. But in reality he isn’t as good as what everyone thought and rather than admit this to himself he tells himself he has never really tried his best. Its easier to accept that his failings are caused by himself than not actually being good enough. He’s good but he’s never had a great record against top players like Nick K does. So its easier to not try than accept your mediocre.


Tomic earns a bit of money doing something hes been conditioned to from a young age with a spectacular ■■■■■■■ for a father.


Spot on. He tells himself he is only going at 30% but he is going close to 90%, he just doesn’t realise how good the other guys are


He is still better than those who are going at 110% and can’t get into the professional tour.

He may not have Roger Federer talent but he does have talent to burn off players trying to take his spot.


Matt Ebden made the final of an APT 250, losing to Isner. Legit thought he’d retired. Good for him


Tomic just slipped to 95th in the world. He’ll probably need to qualify for the US Open now


A Zverev beat R Federer in the of the Canadian Open. What the Hell is going on?*

I know what’s going on. He’s a very promising up and comer who may win a major before N Kyrgios if Nick doesn’t get his sht together soon. Zverev also beat Federer in the Hopman Cup in January this year but that’s not counted as a win if you know what I mean. Federer killed Zverev in the Halle Final in June this year on grass. Zverev must now be considered a decent shot for the US Open.


Kyrgios leads Zverev 2-1 in their head to head clashes - Future meetings depends on Kyrgios being mentally and physically fit - Reckon Kyrgios has a better game.


Ash Barty beats Venus Williams to make the round of 16 at Cinci
Kyrgios also advances to the round of 16.

it’s not a question of better game. It’s what’s between his ears.


Does that really matter when you have 20 million dollars?


Does he have 20 million?
After travel & coaching costs, plus the fast cars and fast women, I’d be surprised if he’s got a quarter of that.


Barry is on the mark with his post - Financially Tomic should be comfortable - Anyway he came back from a low ranking in 2014, so it can be done.


When asked last night by Gold Coast Bulletin journalist Ryan Keen about the racquet backwards incident, Tomic said: “I don’t care about that match point – would you care if you were 23 and worth over $10 million”.


It’s all talk/false bravado.