Same Olds Song

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does anyone know if there is a recording or what the tune of the original Essendon song was

“The Same Old Essendon we used to be,
The same old Essendon we are you see
At the end of the season, that premiership flag,
The same Old Essendon will have it in the bag
For the Same Old Essendon are we.”



Can’t seem to find any info at the moment. But it looks like they’re may have been some variations.

This is from ‘The Australiasian’ 9 July 1938.


“no matter win or lose,
we’re always on the boose”

Not bad for the grog squad, but the Baptists who starred for us might not have been shouting that one.


I contacted the club historian and that’s the same article he sent me. It appears the song was sung up to at least the 40’s, but no one at this stage has any idea what the song sounds like.

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Probably a long shot, but have you tried the National Film and Sound Archives.?
Jack Jones would probably be about the only Essendon survivor from the forties.

Found this, … suggest giving the Essendon Historical Society a call would be your best best.

Easily found via Google.

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Chances are it would be a hymn, some yanky wartime song, or an early advert jingle if they existed back in the 1890’s.

I have discovered it was written by Alfred Fox of Flemington and was a parody song on the words of an old poem set to music.

to the poem library!!!


Good luck!