Few journos on twitter saying something is up and he may have been sacked

Gerard Whately running with that also.

Couldn't this have waited until Monday or at until after the GF? Surely Jon Ralph will be outraged that this is taking the focus away from the prelims.

Gone, player led revolt.

Bomber being linked with a job on their coachong panel


Surely they could have waited until Monday!!


Crows, coach part ways

September 17, 2014 6:17 PM

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Brenton Sanderson of the Crows talks to his players during the 2014 AFL Round 21 match between the Adelaide Crows and the Richmond Tigers at the Adelaide Oval, Adelaide on August 16, 2014. (Photo: James Elsby/AFL Media)


The Adelaide Football Club and Senior Coach Brenton Sanderson have agreed to part ways.

This follows an extensive review of the Club‘s entire football operations.

Chairman Rob Chapman, Board directors Andrew Payze and Mark Ricciuto, Head of Football David Noble and Sanderson have been involved in the post-season analysis.

“Brenton is a quality person and accomplished coach, but recent weeks have unearthed a need for change,” Chapman said.

“Both parties have realised they have different perspectives on where we are at as a footy team.

“It is a tough decision but one the Club feels pushes us closer to realising our ambitions.

“We would like to thank Brenton for his contribution and wish him every success.”

The Club is embarking upon a nationwide search for a new Senior Coach.


Surely it’s Goodwin

The Adelaide Football Club and Senior Coach Brenton Sanderson have agreed to part ways.


Did Adelaide “agree" more than Sanderson did?

I like it when news is not about us.

(Watch them make it about us.)

Must be Hirds fault.

Must be Hirds fault.



Hird comes back - Bomba is surplus but we want to retain him - Must make way by riding a coach - Goodwin looking to become a senior coach - Adelaide think Goodwin is the right fit - Adelaide sack Sanderson.

The media pack had him as one of the new young gurus who was doing a great job. Never any doubt about his capabilities according to them.

I thought people were raving about him, is he contracted?

They’d be chasing Bomber, surely.

They'd be chasing Bomber, surely.

They'd want to eb more than 'chasing' 


I thought Bomber was definitely staying... would they sack a bloke for Goodwin?

I would like to hear Tom Harley's view on the matter.

Apparently Ryder been offered big money to coach at Adelaide.

Last time something similar happened Knights got the ■■■■ from Ess and they installed Hirdy & Bomba.

I know people are saying Thompson will stay and Goodwin to Melb but any chance of both of them ending up at Adelaide?

Its gotta be pretty big to sack a well regarded coach with two years to go.