When you make a sandwich using your standard two pieces of sliced bread, on completion do you

  • Leave it as a whole piece of bread.
  • Cut it into quarters
  • Cut it in half diagonally (so two triangles)
  • Cut it half horizontally (so two rectangles)

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Then do you eat the sandwich by

  • Picking it up
  • Leaving it on the plate and use a knife and fork

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There is nothing better than a runny fried egg and bacon sandwich. The way the yolk soaks into the egg and the oil of the bacon is just sublime.


if you have to us cutlery its not a sandwich


What about local cutlery. Is that ok with you.


It’s called a sandwich, not a handwich.

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Only children have cut sandwiches.

when I do my kids sandwiches its usually quarters in squares.

my sandwich is is usually a toastie and triangle half.

I cut mine and the kids diagonally. If it’s a egg and bacon sandwich I will get the egg (sunnyside up) from the pan and make the yolk run before flipping it upside down on top of the bacon (already on the bread), which helps spread the yolk around.

If I didn’t break the yolk then I run the risk of cutting through the yolk (when i cut diagonally) and having the yolk run onto the plate.

Also. When having bacon and eggs on a plate, and/or with toast, while it looks better to serve the bacon so you can see it, it’s better (for eating) to have the bacon underneath the other ingredients whether it be toast, egg, sausage (or all of the above), that way you don’t smoosh everything when you try and cut through the bacon (if it’s on top), and it’s the first thing you taste when you put your fork into your mouth.


eat it off the sand then


Whenever I buy a sandwich from a cafe or 7/11, it’s always cut. I think it depends on what is in the sandwich.

Sort of like corporate platter sandwiches. Most times cut into rectangles.

Likely something to do with angling the food to see the ingredients.

Anyone else call it a sangwich when they were little?

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I’m in the minority here and cut it in half. I just find rectangles easier to eat than triangles.

Mind you I would sometimes not cut if a bog standard slice of white with only a couple of fillings

Exactly- because your managers think youre all children and treat you as such. its ultimate corporate passive-agressiveness.

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At tennis I’d cut them in triangles for others, that’s true.


Get yourself a Larry David

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Is it ok to cut the crust off for kids???

Do you want your kid to have a backbone when they grow up?


When you have legit bread, the crust is the best bit.
Yes my hair is ■■■■■■■ curly.


My father loved sandwiches.

Sometimes he’d chew one before a meal.

Peanut butter and jam sandwiches are good, haven’t had one for a while.

Might make some tomorrow.