Sandy’s retiring



I liked him. Always fair.


Next it’ll be peter donegan. Sad times. Sandy’s call call of 93 gf is etched in my head forever;
“Here’s long, look at this boy go…”


Was her name Leanne ■■■■ or Leanne ■■■■?


I don’t remember that one




He’s up on his feet sitting down!

Mil hannah on the bench after the long ko in the 93 gf


I hope Bruce follows him fast!!


“Carlton has the numbers, but that’s all… Oh Wallis has kicked a goal!!!”


Give me Sandy or Bruce any day of the week over Hamish or Basil.

What more can you say?


That was one of TV’s all time golden moments!


He goes for home



I posted it in another thread recently, but I’ll take any opportunity to giggle at this again.


Sandy’s been around for a while. I remember working as a stringer at The Herald in the 80’s manually calculating the ladder and phoning it through to him just before he went on air for the 6pm news. He was always up for a laugh even when I’d tried to give the Bombers a boost from a fat-finger calcualator error.
Appropo of nothing the previous incumbent in that job at The Herald was one E McGuire.


McDonald Tipping Woody :grinning:

Enjoy retirement Sandy you did your job well.


I for one cant wait to hear more of James ‘Jimbob’ Brayshaw in the channel 7 commentary box



Kill me now.


You can say he’s not “tooo bad” but that also means he’s in the realm of bad.


“Ohhh my hat!!” Sandy’s retired now?

His work on Fox Footy has been good these past few years. He never took himself too seriously and always tried to add a little colour to his commentary unlike these useless try hards these days. He’s the last of the genuine decent guys from a bygone era to give it up now.


Just in case you forgot