Sandy’s retiring


Those old enough may remember him hosting the Junior Supporters’ Club on early Sunday mornings back in the 80s then backing up an hour later (after World Of Sport Replay) to front World Of Sport after Ron Casey gave the hosting duties away.
I don’t have Fox so haven’t heard him the past few years, but always liked him. Never showed any bias and added some colour without making it about himself. A few of the current callers would do well to follow his lead.


“Hills you’ll have to be quick!! He is with a high kick towards Somerville territory, sandwiched between 2 Carlton players, Bewick, look at this… HO HO, THE BOMBERS ARE HOT!!!”


Fantastic. And contrast that with his fellow caller from that game: “Don’t fall in Andy, don’t fall in son!”
Think that game needs another viewing.


Great caller.

It’s really sad that his generation of callers are being replaced with your Luke Darcys (boring) and Bryan Taylors (insufferable) etc.

Who is honestly left on TV who you describe as a great match day caller? Bruce used to be wonderful but his time has well and truly past. Who else? Maybe Anthony Hudson on Fox, possibly? Gerard Whateley is a great match day caller (despite what else you might think of him) but he’s not on television. Tony Leonard is also great but very off broadway. Who else?

It’s times like this that I reckon football really still feels the loss of Grybas, who was clearly going to be a once in a generation caller.


Great. One of the few broadcasters left who doesn’t sound like he’s just come from a frat boy party, and now he’s gone.


Hate to say it, but if he keeps his Collingwood malarkey a looooong way away from match day, and you can pretend it’s someone else, Eddie is worth listening to. He can build an an atmosphere and keep things interesting, even when the game is just about dead.

Ahh pretending its someone else. If I wear a Batman suit she’s all over me but only if it’s got bat nipples.


Damn you smooth I was just about to post that exact thing! One of my all time favourite bomber moments. I used to watch that on video tape again and again when I was a kid



McGuire is dead to me.

You can thank “Sarah” for that.


who would you rather listen to;

  1. Eddie or;
  2. Darcy, Taylor, Sam lane, brereton, Bruce, brayshaw, Cameron ling, Hamish ,basil, mark maclure, robbo or roos.

Just pick one out of the second bunch if you prefer.


Good lord that is dire.


Ain’t it tho.
I couldn’t figure out polls sorry


Of that extremely and clearly purposely selective bunch of 12 there, only Darce BT Bwuce Braysore Hamish & Baz are callers.

And I’d prefer Hame Baz,& even * gulp* BT, too if it came to it.

Brayshaw Darcy Twin chins & Bwuce are all part of the same 7 Circles of Caller Hell for mine. Equally awful.


Isn’t it? Kind of like a Sophies choice really.


No you’re incorrect. the theme is talking about recognised poor commentators so you might have to go a back a bit.

I fully expect a win to the dark side, but unfortunately for you, you have decided I was going to include good commentators, which there are a few of.

Not many but a few.


I like BT in the changerooms, where he plays a buffoon just bumbling around where he’s not wanted.
Unfortunately, that’s the role he plays in the commentary box too, and that makes me want to lightly tap my head against something hard.

I’ll miss Sandy, and all those of his ilk.
Commentators who brought colour and unaffected excitement to the call, without being a boozehead bogan about it, and without ever getting on their own personal hobby horse.


I’m with @Sameolds2010 about McGuire


This saddens me. My childhood was listenibg to Sandy call Michael Long running down the wing on the Great Southern Stand side of the ground. I remember fondly the days of Drew Morphett, Ian Robertson, Dennis Commetti, Peter McKenna and the like. Now only Bruce is still there.

Thanks for all your work Sandy, loved it. All the best for the future.


I watched holy grail last night and you tapping your head lightly against something hard reminded me of the monk scene


This, but harsher.

I don’t watch him in the rooms and I want to murder him when he commentates.

He’s not only clearly the worst commentator currently calling, there’s a very strong argument that he’s the worst caller ever.