Sandy’s retiring


Me too. Can’t listen to him call Collingwood games, but other than that I find him pretty good (as compared to the competition, which is awful)


I was surprised at Brayshaw’s objectivity in the North - Essendon game last season.


That VFL guy with the real boring name who did 2 pr 3 AFL games last year.


I enjoyed Sandy. Ian Robertson from that era was great too.
I’ve got Robbo’s call of Timmy’s goal from the 93 prelim etched in the memory.

“Look at this. That’ll bring the house down.”


Ooh err matron


Yeah I know who you’re talking about. And he’s totally awesome. And I also cannot recall his boring name


Jason Bennett?


should be headlining every commentary gig, no some half wit ex footballer.


Won’t get a gig until he gets a bogan nickname.

‘Old Mate Benners’ is a start and would get him a Seven gig but he’ll probably need something like Fugnuts or Pin ■■■■ if he wants an SEN/MMM gig


No I’m not because they are worth listening to. Good ones are totally irrelevant because you will vote for them, obviously.

This is a vote for the best of the worst with Eddie as some sort of barometer or something.

I wish you people would go back and look at the theme of that post.

You annoy me. I’m going to watch the rest of the life of Brian.


Leanne ■■■■ to do a tribute to him?


go post more picks of your toes


oohhhhhhh orrrr jase-o benoit, the frenchman, look at the blandness of his name big duke!


Absolutely no word of a lie, no fabrication or staging- I just went for a walk with the dog and tripped on an uneven part of the gutter when I was crossing street. Smashed the ■■■■ out of it. There was blood ■■■■■■■ out every where. There where meaty bits of toe everywhere. I called the missus and she came down with kids to clean it up and stop the blood. Walking is difficult.

So this is me going to take a pic of my foot. It’s not as graphic, just spooky.

Hold me Barnz.


dude wtf


To be fair, at quarter time I didn’t really care who won, I just wanted three more quarters of that type of football. That game was just fun to watch.


Brenton Speed is very very good too IMO.


Mate I took pics of my toes once for some reason and some people became infatuated by their disformality.

I sincerely apologise if dinner is hard to face this evening.


hey, be proud, moved up from the garage.


toe number 4 is one of the most wacky things i’ve ever seen.