Sandy’s retiring


Listen to him prounancisung the sh/t out of the all the players names Garry! HAVE A LISTEN TO IT HO HOOOOOO


Can we trace this back to all that sycophantic, ‘great call, boys’ stuff from talkback callers?


I agree Sandy is a good caller and will be missed.

Not because he was amazing but because he was a good straightforward caller who didn’t get in the way of the spectacle. Very similar to Macavaney I think in that regard (I still don’t mind Bruce, though he’s definitely fallen away and we’ve all become too aware of his verbal tics - “the next goal’s really important” etc - due to over-familiarity and probably a bit of a drop-off in quality). Quartermain was similar imo - no fuss, just called it.

Hudson puts more sauce on it but is more in the vein of Cometti in terms of actually pulling it off. Generally liked Bennett too.

And I’ll add to those endorsing McGuire - I cannot stand him as a broader media personality but as a caller I think he’s straightforward and pretty decent. Similar with Brayshaw. Both should be kept well away from their own club’s games but I’d swap both in a heartbeat for most of 7’s current lineup. (Anda s others have said Brayshaw was pretty good calling Essendon / North last year).

Still think fondly of Tim Lane’s brief spell on TV.

To take it back to Sandy - whatever else you thought of him, he’s from an era where there was a basic level of professionalism. BT, by contrast, legitimately doesn’t know the rules and - worse - isn’t embarrassed that he doesn’t.


100% the producer would tell all the callers to say that, or they won’t get to air.


I’m sure you’re right.
It just seems to me that the Brayshaw style of commentary started around the time people were asked to/started doing that.


Yeah great posting today wim.
MMM took it to a whoole new level of crap.


Gosh, it must be true.


I distinctly remember listening to calls on AW as a kid in the mid 90s and every second caller would say “great call today Rexy”.

And I think it was so much of a running joke by the mid-late 90s that the Coodabeens always took the pi55 out of it during their fake talkback segment.


Never heard of him but thank you for the recommendation. I will check him out. Where does he call?


Jason Bennett


He is a Qlder I presume as I think we’ve had him only twice when we played Gold Coast (on Fox). He mainly does the A League (and NRL I believe) as he is a soccer tragic, but he is good for the exact same reasons as Bennett… and will probably never gain mainstream popularity/tenure in the AFL for those same reasons!

I was surprised at his knowledge of our blokes when he did our games.

Pretty much irrelevant to the topic, other than what it does to elucidate how important their craft is to these real callers but this is a pretty special video of him (related to his A League gig)


Bruce commentating in 2019

“Yep there that player goes, oh nice kick. Yep he has marked it … oh the little master… yep there is another mark…”

He is completely incapable of keeping up with the game it’s general dribble coupled with a catch phrase every 2 mins. It is unwatchable.


“He’s still going…”


Let’s not forget every second comment being a question.
Don’t you think Duck?


“You just feel like the next goal might be the difference…”
This seems to apply to whenever the margin is between 1 and 72 points. Sandy would not even commentate Little League that way with KB.


all life on planet Earth
all other current TV commentators


I like this post and agree with most of it.

I know many don’t like BT, but I like him as a caller, he never seems to take himself or the game to seriously, unlike some, who think their calling of the game is more important than the actual game.

Edit: I always liked and respected Tim Lane as a caller, thought he was professional, however since our saga I’ve lost respect and cannot listen to him and a few others that I have lost respect for.


I love BT


He’s alight, Gary ablett, look at this! Here is the magician at work…he shoots towards goal… What .more. can. you .say!?

Genuinely good TV caller. A bit Richie Benaud like, in that he knew we could see the vision and therefore let it do the bulk of the work.


I only really dislike commentators when we are losing.