Sandy’s retiring


Modern callers are pretty much awful and that goes across most sports. If I ever hear “Can you believe it!?!” followed by “You couldn’t have scripted it!” yelled at me by someone calling soccer, I’ll probably die of alcohol poisoning. Funnily enough, they sound scripted.

It goes without saying, footy commentary is worse. A little enthusiasm when warranted is fine but it seems so contrived. One thing Sandy Roberts had was natural enthusiasm for the game when it was there, I find most callers do it in order to spice things up and too regularly. They’re probably the same one’s who sound silly after going over the top when a behind has been kicked.


I’ve weirdly missed Richie after hearing this news.

I respect those who think Eddie can call, but to me anything non-Collingwood sounds manufactured from him.

Bruce, Landy, Morphett, Lane (yes, I know), Robertson (I knew damn well who he supported but it never stopped him getting excited about other teams)…people who genuinely love footy.
You can tell.


I find it really galling when commentators don’t.

A basic sense of pride in their job, and respect for their audience, should ensure every caller learns the players, numbers, what they look like, where they’re from, where they play. That should be the baseline. They’ve got 5 days a week to learn this ■■■■, it can’t be that hard?


“Look at this boy go”

errrrrr wouldn’t say that in 2019 Sandy


100% correct, great observation.

One of the things that irritates me so much about modern commentators is that you can tell half of them don’t even like the game or their jobs that much. They’re mostly just ex footballers who don’t have other employment prospects so this is just a job for them, and they call accordingly. I hate that.

All the names you listed above really loved calling. You could have said exactly the same for Grybas, or currently, for a Jason Bennett or a Tony Leonard. They just love the game so much, they think that calling it is a privilege (not just a job) and that passion comes through in their calls.

It’s one of the main reasons also why I get a bit annoyed with people bagging out Bruce. Yeah his time has well and truly gone, and he’s a bit irritating these days, but god at least you can tell he loves calling and love the game - and we need more of that today, not less.


Stan Alves is probably retired now, but I thought he was one of the best on radio for quite some time.
Though, I think he was only ever a special comments man.

Vividly remember standing outside the G post '93 GF, at least an hour after the game, Alves and McLure were giving their final thoughts on the contest.
I even appreciated McLure’s honesty back then, now he’s just annoying.


Agree this guy is superb, does A league, NRL and AFL, i really wish he was full time afl commentary.

Also as other posters said sandy was a legend and so was ian robertson back in the day, they had the voices for it and were not scripted genuinely got excited, unlike your commetti, bruce, darcy types of the past few years.


Whats Phil Cleary doing these days?


Oh FFS who needs television commentary? They only describe what you are watching and if you look away you can’t get an idea of what’s happening.
Good call this. Good camera work that. Always pumping themselves up. Isn’t that right Lingy?
All I want is crowd noise. Or Doug and Richard (aka Dck with an i ) Mason if I have to have anyone.


One caller who actually makes me laugh is Dwayne.
A team can be 8 goals down with 2 minutes left and cut it to 7 goals down.

Suddenly according to Dwayne “They’ve still got a pulse”.

I know the commentators like to try and keep the game interesting but it’s ■■■■■■■ over and he does it every time.

It’s Crazy Good!


Whichever Channely 7 executive signed BT up to the 5-year contract is the first person I’ll line up against the wall come the revolution…


“Preston defeating Berwick by 168 points. What are your thoughts on today’s game at Cramer St, Phil Cleary?”

“Oh gee, look it’s great isn’t it! Get the community together for a little Sunday footy. The passion of the people is just great isn’t it? Get em to come down on a Sunday, get the community together, it’s magnificent, ohh the passion of the people, the community…”

“Thanks Phil.”


That beats Basil, Bruce, Darce and Lingy any day of the week


He waffled on but his heart was genuinely in it. He loved talking up a kid giving it a crack.


Always found Phil cleary pretty narcissistic, managed to throw in a Coburg-in-the-80s reference into most calls.


Building atmosphere and excitement and in a smooth and natural way is absolutely McGuires biggest weakness as a commentator. (Aside from Collingwood bias)

I don’t doubt his general enthusiasm for football, but he has no feel for the game whatsoever as a commentator.

He’s also a smug, egotistical wanker and he can never hide that


Hate to disagree with a Spurs follower but I reckon he is the worst commentator in football today even worse than Brian Taylor!


He makes me laugh doesn’t mean I think he is putting his hand up for the golden tonsils award.


Hmmm … can’t say I’d ever give the “golden tonsils” award to a bloke myself.

not that there’s anything wrong with that


Behave - wer’e talking aussie rules.