Saturday April 15 Sandringham v Essendon Trevor Barker Oval, 2pm

Yep, the missus and I are set. I dropped the kids off at their grandparents’ this morning, swung by the pharmacy on the way home, have recorded some late night foreign films to play, and… oh wait, you mean Francis in the VFL, don’t you?

Hmmm … hope I don’t confuse McGrath and his mum for them. Could be embarrassing.


Franga and hot chips. Cant wait to get there!

Screw Frangamania

Fridgefest time!

Yeah, all those Canadians look the same, don’t they?

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There,s a moose loose in the Hoose!

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Unfair. Sometimes they have different coloured hair:


No hot chips today.


Dawk reserves won, waiting for us to exit the away rooms.

Wouldn’t they technically be the dawks reserves reserves :smiley:

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Gleeson is the emergency.

Sun pops out as we warm up. Just a few puffs of wind, to the northern end.

Phoney frangamania has bitten the dust


Haha, very good

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What time does it start?

Home team gets soft cushions on their bench.

In six minutes.

Draper starting on bench.

Standing next to Ricky Dyson and Marcus Muscles Marigliani, gave me the ‘go Bombers’.


Nobby in 54 sweet tackle in middle.