Saturday Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast with Rob Kerr on Trade week

Special Guest Rob Kerr joins the Podcast to discuss Essendon’s successful Trade Period, 3 players coming in, Aaron Francis, Hooker and a look at our list moving forward and the possibility of Miles coming to the club


I’ve been checking Blitz all afternoon in anticipation of this. Thanks CJohns for your work!

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Cheers for that. Had a few issues getting onto Blitz today

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Great show. It’s just great to hear fans talking about Essendon!

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Top podcast gents.

Thanks for asking some of our questions.

Loved it.

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Love the podcasts… you guys work well together. :+1:

Great work. Rob Kerr was a fantastic get.

I wish we could get a Jobe Watson every single year, as claimed… though you’d probably have to trade a few out after a while.

Thanks for all the kind comments guys

Great listen, thank you very much!

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Great podcast! Thanks guys- loved hearing from Rob. Exciting times ahead!!

Love the podcast mate - would be great to interview DJ or Pops Kelly once training starts up again to talk more about the younger guys, how the new faces have settled in, etc.

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Tell me you asked if his mates call him ‘Wayne’?

Enjoyed it. Thanks guys.

Completely don’t agree with Hooker back, but really interesting :slight_smile:

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Great podcast fellas. Really enjoyed Kerrs discussion. It sounded to me that the club, subject to some further debate, is likely to pick up an Anthony Miles type player rather than ‘trust’ the back end of the draft.

Awesome listen guys great work…thought Rob was concise plenty of good info…hope they continue over the off season

Goid idea actually


Yeh Hooker back is one of those calls i am not too concerned either way. Just felt it may balance the side slightly better overall

Come on the Podcast and leave Essendon…my new slogan

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We need to come up with a list of people you absolutely can’t interview.

Let’s start with Stringer.

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