Saw this #BackIn on my FB feed and thought


Of course I'm gonna be back.

This will be one of the most interesting seasons ever!


Dont think there's EVER been any question that any supporter who's stuck with the club over/after the last two years ... or should that be the last 14 years would be anything but backin. IMO its a stoopid "question" masquerading as a recruitment drive.


Question really is does the club or should I say those entrusted to steer OUR club in a direction that might actually see us a) respected, b. premiers and ultimately c) feared again, DESERVE the committment that 99% of the members/fans have shown them over that stretch.


With all due respect fog it aint the members or the fans that have turned their toes up every time it got just that little bit hard.


After all there's no doubt in my mind the fight shown by the players or the fans.Be nice to see the board etc actually #BACK the club and the members IN too!

I am #backin despite our #chairman

Our slogan should be #hashtag

Yep like it

I will be #backin one out in just a moment. Thanks for asking.




#alwaysin more like it. No matter what!



#backupatruck #fullofmoney #tocontractedplayers

#backupatruck #fullofmoney #tocontractedplayers

I think you are really getting the hang of these hashtags now Riolio


#backupatruck #fullofmoney #tocontractedplayers

I think you are really getting the hang of these hashtags now Riolio


He uses it a lot on Twitter


You go to hell #instaban




#backin to your neighbour’s car.

“Back in”? I don’t know what they are getting at here. If this was an opposition teams marketing slogan, there would be pages of ridicule.

It's clearly referring to the pineapple we are reversing into.