it’s all in the 3D


Should this come with a warning?


Reminds me of a fling I had with spongebob squarepants


In fourth year honours maths, we had a choice of 12 courses to select 6 from. I avoided anything like topology. My brain just doesn’t handle it.

Partial differential equations were another that I opted out of…we had a Chinese lecturer, a young guy, whose accent and handwriting were both indecipherable. Lots of people turned up for his first lecture…very few for the second. Differential geometry made my brain hurt, but I had to persist.

The lecturer for these subjects (not partial DE’s) was a young Czech guy who’d escaped the Soviet invasion in 1968…Dubcek’s Spring. He had to redo his doctorate. He only retired from Melbourne Uni 5 or 6 years ago.




Your point being?


No point really, just reinforcing my self-delusion that I’m a jock.


I used to sit up the back of the lecture theatre and giggle about how much my bio experimentation lecturer looked like a sort of goat man hybrid. I feel utterly stupid about it now. By goodness he had a huge, grey, goat beard though…


I had one lecturer in my four years where the students misbehaved…a Fortran course in second year. We were in the old Anatomy theatre which is what you expect of a university lecture theatre…the seats at the back are far higher than the front. Guys at the back would be throwing paper planes, and one hits this guy up the front. Early 70s, so the ‘fro was in full cry. One plane sticks right in the middle of this magnificent ‘fro. Whole theatre wets themselves.

The lecturer was the ultimate nerd. Ended up suing Doug Wade who was his neighbour in Royal Pde. Something planning wise! Doug won IIRC.


What did students throw before the Wright Brothers?


Ha, I didn’t realise Fortran was that old…


You should have seen the cards we programmed on. You had to push out the chads with a paperclip and then submit somewhere in the Architecture building.


I recall it all. especially getting the cards back with the first wrong card sticking out of the bundle.

What year was this for you? Anatomy was 1970 for me.


The Anatomy theatre was in the Raymond Berry building (since renamed because Berry was a eugenecist). First year Applied Maths was 1971 for me.

I think Maths/Stats took over the old Anatomy building in the 50s or 60s.


Why, untethered Montgolfier balloons of course! Took ages but it really built the tension!


Powered by all the hot air that gets spouted at universities…mainly in the various Arts faculty buildings.


Ah, the Golden Age of Ballooning!


Mr Hawking has passed.


But which was the cleaner of the brothers?