I suspect there is more to this story than has been told.

After all, this is brought to us by the same people who were the main instigators of an illegal war in Iraq that has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people, disrupted countries across the Middle East and Europe, squandered trillions of dollars, heightened terrorism concerns across the world, raised the threat of ISIS/ISIL etc, and all based on obviously fraudulent claims that “Saddam has missiles that can reach the UK within 45 minutes”.



There was an interview on BBC radio which mentioned that inhalation of novichok gas is fast, but transcutaneous infusion of the powder form is slower, so residue on his hand might have been on everything he touched between leaving his house and finally going unconcious.

Yes it is fertile ground for speculation and conspiracy theories. For example the killing of a known double agent might be done by the asylum country because he was actually a triple agent.


Yeah, guys, considering how many former spies Russia kills over in the UK, sometimes the simplest explanation probably makes sense?


Not as if the Russians wouldn’t use every trick in the book to claim innocence, and for them to have their mates in the west back them up.

To me, there are no greater scum on this earth. Always had their effete mates telling us all that Russia is a utopia.


optical illusions are interesting about how the brain works


It worked, but I had trouble staring without re-focusing, and every time I did that, it snapped back into normal. I had to consciously ‘will’ it to fade. Same as the next example at the link.


Me too


Weinstein, Spacey or Burke?






Wonder what the by-product is ?



I thought the same thing.


Apparently it allows PET to be broken down into its original components meaning full recycling is possible. It’s assumed this will end up being a cheaper way to produce plastic bottles than mining the oil for new ones.


Wot ? An oil producing bug ; think I will buy shares in that.


The article on it from the guardian seems to imply that it converts the PET plastic into whatever its substrates are. May not be as basic as oil but enough to make more PET or whatever else the same components can be made from. But, yes, if true it would be a pretty valuable thing.


Years ago I heard about some blokes setiing up a facility, in Melbourne no less,… that was supposed to break this plastic down and return it as Bio Diesel.

Sounded really promising, but I’ve heard squat about it since.


Then what is it actually using for energy?


…I cant stand the chemicals…