That should read when not covered by cloud.


Clear as a bell down here for the whole thing.

Pretty lucky for mid winter in this neck of the woods.

Farken cold out but. brr


Worth a bit of shivering though I think.


Too right. Never seen Mars that big bright and red before. Beautiful.


Yes I was surprised by that. Been a sensational viewing.


Got up to see it (around 6:30am) - it was ok but not as good as the previous red moon. Or Essendon’s win over Sydney.


6.30 was way too late there Doey, … Ol’ Sol was shutting down the party by then, and it was all way smaller already.

Looked incredible earlier. Moon just as red as the last, though not quite as big, but Mars right along side it like the star of Bethlehem in bright red made it pretty fkn awesome.


Anyone watching this SpaceX live stream?


This is crazy


You just know Bieber is going


Is he smoking pot on air again?


Where did this guy come from?




Going to the moon!

Can’t see the deatails but was that the announcement?


I have to admit when I heard a guy had bought 6 seats on BFR I totally expected it to be some Saudi prince and a bunch of his mates.

I didn’t expect this


Ok, stick with me

This Japanese billionaire art collector has bought 6 seats on bfr which he plans to give away to artists (painters, sculptors, musicians, film makers) to send them to the moon to inspire them to create something to give to the world to inspire peace.

Legit it’s an open ticket, best submissions get a seat basically

To the moon!


Yeah that’s cool AF.

When is the trip?


Is he going himself too?




Yeah, he’s going as well. He’s a guy who was a drummer in some band who started collecting art and eventually become a billionaire from it.