Scotty Cummings on Open Mike ft Trade reminiscing

On Fox Footy right now.

Was only young at the time. Didnt know he and sheeds didn’t see eye to eye.

in what way?

Sheeds expected him to work hard, Scotty thought he could play like he was alive in the 70’s.

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I always thought that was the case, is that what he said on the show?

Im paraphrasing here but he felt sheeds didnt know how to get that work out of him

Sounds like exactly what a man-child would say

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Why watch? You already know what he’s going to say.

My bet is “derr I’m Scott Cummings derr”

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I asked Sheeds about Cummings once. (We were sharing a bottle of red like old mates)

He just turned his nose up and scoffed. “Heaps of talent, but as lazy as you’ll ever find. Just didn’t wanna put work in.”

He did kick a lot of goals (including a Coleman medal) for a fat, lazy dude. Could have had a very decent career had he tried.

Also… Imagine the blitz reaction if a first gamer kicked 8?


Be super-happy with him for a week, then when he has a quiet week talk about trading him for Harley Bennell?


He actually kicked 3 early goals on Mick Martyn the following week, so Sheeds sent him to the bench so he wouldn’t get too far ahead of himself.

Not many people get a honking big INSERT NAME HERE FAN CLUB banner in the crowd at their first game… let alone live up to it!

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You would if your name was GOAL.


Have a vague memory of him kicking an massive bag in the 2s in a curtain raiser.



He was bagging 10+ in the reserves for a few weeks leading up to his debut.


I rated him. He was your traditional lead-up, chest mark full-forward, but a very good one. Lovely long kick. But Sheeds knew who his full-forward would be for the next decade in Matthew Lloyd so Cummings left at the end of ‘96. Can’t say Sheeds got it wrong…

We also got a pick of in the 30’s for him, which we used on Jason Johnson, so it was win-win for all concerned.


Sheeds also tried to turn him into a centre half back for a few games. Not sure that went down well with the big fellow.


We got 2 inside the 1st 30 picks. Heff and JJ

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