Scratch Match versus The Pies

Just watched the vision of our highlights. Impressive. Ned Cahill looks almost ready and built like a brick outhouse too! Conor and Zac look to be straight back in next week. Mossie looks all class too. One big bloke was in quite a few clips, pretty mobile with good hands and wondering if it was Henry Crauford? Hope the club releases a breakdown of the game at some stage.


Bryan I think.

No idea who 44 was.

Bryan was 24 I think and was good too, but this bloke I mentioned was 47 and lurked around the forward half.


Guelfi looked good too, he’s so much better higher up than ground where he can just hunt the ball or whoever he wants rather than chasing tail in defence

And still playing at that age


What an embarrassment of riches to bring in Irish and Zerrett. Oops wrong thread…

And Daniher

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He looked to get a start at a few centre bounces.
Don’t mind it.

I had no idea Zac would still be allowed to play in this match but its great that he was.

Crauford looks a good size & moves well.

Cahill looks like Daniel Rich with longer arms

Who was the guy playing on the wing wearing 44?

I think that might have been the pies’ Quaynor playing for us.



Haha. Not much longer, has a definite Josh Green/T Rex vibe!

A few players have swapped teams during scratch matches to make up numbers, and there’s nobody on our list I think it could be.

That would have confused the ■■■■ out if the maggots especially if they were trying to get one team back into the game


Correct it was quanor or whatever his name is.