Sean Murphy - fitness muggins

He won’t be going short term IMO, especially if working well with BDB, also known Vozzo for a long time

Not when all of coaching, development + S&C been rubbish …. Plus various club crises occurred

Murphy however seems cooked

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Pretty good history in elite sport and a good track record at Brisbane…

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I’m confused. Is this a new appointment or did he start in January?

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Now do Dodorros :joy:

To me it reads as if he was appointed to conduct the review in January - watching what we do in real time and providing a report to make recommendations to the program in the off season. Could be wrong…

He falls up more than Brett Ratten does… interesting how he started in Welfare roles…


He’s not a member of a church is he?



According to the Hun article, it is the Hun’s ‘understanding’ that he was appointed in January (the injuries preceded his arrival)
I’m also confused as I seem to recall that fitness was part of the external review - the one that Barham said ages ago had been submitted to the Board as a final draft.
Maybe clarify with Dorothy, as the article reads like a club PR exercise.

I am assuming you and the rest are talking about Dodoro.

I honestly think we have the deepest list that I can remember.

We managed to break the hoodoo against Richmond without Wright, Parish, Shiel, Setterfield, Lav, Kelly or our recent top 10 draft picks in Tsatas, Reid, Cox or another of Brads preferred players in Harry Jones.

We had 6 MSD and SSP selections in the side who played well, with one winning the game in the last quarter and another kicking 2 goals also. We got Wright, Weideman and Setterfield for near nothing and Caldwell for not a lot. Not to mention our captain and BOG at pick 26 at the height of our draft penalties. Or picking up a potential top ruck in the rookie draft after playing about 16 games of Aussie rules in his life.

I think our biggest problem this century has been our ■■■■ administration, and now that has been fixed, we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

If we can get most of our players on the park with an improved fitness regime under a good coach, and culture…

These are the circumstances that are required to see the full potential of our list.

We would be stupid to get rid of Dodoro just as we are beginning to see our players get developed and supported to the point they can actually reach their potential.


Weather he’s good at his job or not the fact is Dodo has been at the club 20 years it’s time for some one new no list manager apart from Stephen Wells has been at the one club for so long

I call BS on your above comment, on the basis he is much better than he was 20 years ago.

We haven’t been close to a Grand Final in 20 years. He may not be the sole reason for this but as List Manager he’s a pretty key figure and thus far we haven’t assembled a list capable of winning a Premiership. It’s an easy case to mount that he’s had a fair crack and hasn’t delivered. Personally I think he goes okay but given the choice I’d like to see how another person would go about it.

Have we brought Blanch in to oversee a review or is he actually also going to be employed by us going forward?

Article is very confusing. This bloke has been here all year…so…what has changed?

James Tsatas? any relation to Elijah?


Article error. GC player last name is Tsitas.

Also what’s up with requoting the entire article!


I can’t tell from the article if there’s anything different to when this was mentioned in the February piece about in The Age about Brad Scott


Very encouraging to see that ■■■■ is actually getting done now. Now to do something about the recruitment and list management

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Feels like we are running out qtrs and games strongly and are not completely spent well before the end.

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