Season 2015 - Carlton


Coach - Mick Malthouse

2014 -
Points for - 10th
Points Against - 14th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Bryce Gibbs
  2. Marc Murphy
  3. Kade Simpson
  4. Chris Yarran
  5. Sam Rowe

2013/2014 Rising Star Noms

Dylan Buckley
Troy Menzel

Kristian Jaksch, Mark Whiley, Liam Jones, Matthew ■■■■, Blaine Boekhorst, Dilan Viojo-Rainbow, Clem Smith, Jayden Foster, Jason Tutt, Billy Gowers, Bradley Walsh, Tom Fields, Fraser Russell,

Jarrad Waite, Jeff Garlett, Heath Scotland, Nick Duigan, Brock McLean, Mitch Robinson, Kane Lucas, Josh Bootsma, Andrew McInnes, Tom Temay, Jaryd Cachia, Luke Reynolds

My prediction

The first thing I look at when trying to predict how a team will perform over the next year is who has left and who they have brought in. Pretty hard to argue they have lost some players and haven’t pulled in many who will have an immediate impact. They have lost a bit of hardness around the contest which is hard to believe from a team that already lacks in that area.

They have a few good young players who will develop naturally, Menzel is a super talent for one but depth wise they are really struggling. The list is a long way from being where it needs to be. Hard to believe it wasn’t long ago they recruited Malthouse as they thought they were in their premiership window. Right now I don’t think there is a team further away from being a challenger.

I was surprised to see their attack did as well as it did last year. Their most effective forward was Waite although Henderson continued to tease. Bringing in Liam Jones seems strange and I cant see him being any better or more consistant at Carlton. The backline is a debacle and that is not going to change

With all that being said. Carlton wont move much at all this year. Malthouse is probably coaching his last year of football. He will finish his career with a team that finished in the 13-15 range.

Fark Carlton

Fark Carlton.

P.S. Fark Carlton.


I actually reckon Casboult and Henderson will be a decent fwd line. I rate them both.

However, they have a garbage back line with soft midfield. Ruckman are poor too.

Brief upside is that they have Graham, Cripps and Menzel who have potential to be very good mids. Knowing the Fark Carlton culture, they’ll turn out soft too.

Prediction: 13th.

Doherty and Menzel are good young players.
Fark Carlton.
That is all.

Thread lacking in “Fark Carlton” references.

Fark Carlton

Carlton are thin in the midfield for attacking options - Will never go far when you play three defensive type midfielders.

7 or 8 wins.

Fark Carlton.

A bunch of carnts. The lot of them.

Fark carlton.


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Going backwards

Another average year ahead.

They are going to get worse before they get better. The kids they’ve got aren’t that good. I can see them being a bottom four team pretty soon, and for it to be a long re-build before they are competitive again.

A few years ago I thought I couldn’t hate a team more than I hate Carlton. Then they hired Mick Malthouse.

fark Carlton Best 22
B Simpson Jamison Tuohy
HB Walker Jaksch Doherty
C Carazzo Gibbs Thomas
HF Menzel Hendersen Everitt
F Yarran Casboult Armfield
R Kreuzer Murphy © Judd
Int Ellard, Curnow, Rowe
Sub Bell
Emg Boekhurst, Warnock, Buckley

Ideally they need the young brigade to step up and put pressure on the armfields/curnows/Ellard/Bell
I really dont know what to make of Cripps yet, Like the look of Clem Smith, Boekherst might be close to afl action as well.
Buckley needs to put on weight similar to gleeson.

I have Jacksh as CHB but not sure if he will start there. Rowe might as he is in the leadership group.
Started with warnock outside best 22 as prefer kreuzer as ruckman to play all day. but expect warnock to play a few games as well.
The midfield is surprisingly shallow given all the high draft picks. - Judd, Murphy, Gibbs, Carazzo, Thomas, Curnow…i think they may need walker/simpson/Yarran to spend some time in there or to develop some youngsters like Menzel.

compared to our mids - Watson, Heppell, Goddard, Zaharakis, Cooney, Myers, Howlett, Chapman, stanton, Hocking, Merrett they seem a bit light on.

Expect Blues to miss finals finish 9th to 12th.

Intersting i dont have a spot for Jones or Tutt. They will need to impress to make the change worthwhile. apparently Jones is taking the extra step at training so we will see.

Isn’t Jaksch already out for most of 2015 injured?

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Isn't Jaksch already out for most of 2015 injured?

He will miss 10 weeks which is all the preseason so it will be a tough road back for him to get into the side.
So i guess its out of jones or Rowe for that Key defender role.

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They are going to get worse before they get better. The kids they've got aren't that good. I can see them being a bottom four team pretty soon, and for it to be a long re-build before they are competitive again.

A few years ago I thought I couldn’t hate a team more than I hate Carlton. Then they hired Mick Malthouse.

Menzel will have to get used to carrying an entire club for about 7 years. Minimum.

Rowe has got the CHB position. Everitt 3rd tall defender.

Reckon Jaksch will play fwd.

Rowe was about their only bloke who improved their reputation last year.
Looks half decent down back. Jamison’s on his way to the knackery.

don’t think i have ever seen a club steadfastly ignore the gaping holes in their list the way carlton have over half a decade.

They have consistently failed to target 1st round KPs and bigger bodied mids.

just don’t see where the improvement comes from for this list short of judd hitting a purple patch of about 4 to 5 weeks early in the year. It will be his last too. They went all in to get one of the greatest players of a generation and squandered him by butchering the list around him and never addressing the things that obviously needed fixing. Was Hughes responsible for recruiting in all that time?

still, a carlton side which is nearly as ■■■■■■ as melbourne is a damn scary prospect for us.