Season 2015 - Collingwood


Coach - Nathan Buckley

2014 -
Points for - 15th
Points Against - 10th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Scott Pendlebury
  2. Steele Sidebottom
  3. Dayne Beams
  4. Hertier Lumumba
  5. Brent McCaffer

2013/2014 Rising Star Noms
Marley Williams
Brodie Grundy
Tom Langdon

Levi Greenwood, Jack Crisp, Travis Varcoe, Jordan De Goey, Darcy Moore, Brayden Maynard, Matthew Goodyear, Michael Manteit (rk), Brenden Abbott(rk), Mason Cox(rk)

Luke Ball, Nick Maxwell, Ben Hudson, Quinten Lynch, Hertier Lumumba, Dayne Beams, Marty Clarke, Caolan Mooney, Peter Yagmoor, Tony Armstrong

My prediction

Not a good year for Nathan and the boys in black and white last year. They have lost their way and there is a not so mild stench down there at Olympic Park. To be ranked the 15th best attack does not read well.

I was really impressed with their defense early last year. They found some good young defenders and for the first half of the season they stood up really well. I expect as they get more experience they will continue to improve.

They have lost some experience and some talent. 2 of their top 5 players have left and one more is unlikely to play for the majority of the year if at all. Still the top end talent is there and they should have been more competitive last year than they were.

Even allowing for the natural development of their kids, I cant see a huge improvement this year. A favourable draw gives them a chance of making the 8 but I think 10-12 is about the mark for this team. Expect the mumblings to get louder as Buckley slowly turns a premiership contender into a very middle of the road football team.

Question without notice and may have happened to me in the it ok to abuse a collingwood supporter in a wheelchair and tell him be a man and stand up for yourself?

Don’t feel bad. I said it to a bloke in a wheelchair at work a few years back as we were kicking him out. Guy was a right ■■■■ and deserved it as far as I’m concerned.

He wasn’t a Collingfilth fan (AFAIK), but he was aboriginal. So not only do I pick on the handicapped, I’m also racist…

I liked Prince La Bamba, he always kicked it to us. Same reason I like Bachar Houli, he makes sure he spots an old Bombers teammate somewhere in a random 60m arc and kicks it perfectly. Sidearse has always been a threat, Pendlebury too; lets hope Chubby McCoke Head lets his arrogance exceed that of FIGJAM and we take him down for once. No more cheap one twos for you!

So, we’ll potentially play The Filth next week w/o

Pendles, Greenwood, Sidebum, Young, McCoker, Adams + (Beams, Ball, Maxwell and Prince La Bamba)

Fat Tat will have his work cut out…

Reading up about Collingwood and found this gem comment…

We just have no luck and appear to be cursed.
– We don’t just get common colds or gastro, we get glandular fever.
– We don’t sprain ankles, we fracture them.
– We don’t dislocate thumbs, we fracture them.
– We don’t take cocaine cut with baby powder, we take it cut with PEDs.

Loving it!

Taylor Adams in Moon boot as well, the news gets worse for my DT/SC teams.

They’re falling to pieces. What a pity…

Pendles left training today in a moon boot.

SuperFooty (AFL) ‏@superfooty 2m2 minutes ago
Scott Pendlebury leaves training early + another key Pie in a moon boot #supercoach
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St Kilda are better than I thought they’d be, and I suspect I’m not alone there.

Quoted Post

Pendles potentially out this week with sore ankle, so might be resting for Anzac Day.

not sure they can risk resting him tbh. Stkilda may be pox but they will take it right up to Collingwood imo

Pendles potentially out this week with sore ankle, so might be resting for Anzac Day.

Really let themselves down with their kicking IMHO.
Bucks is and has been doing a lot of leg work blooding youngsters & turning over the list. Found some pretty good ones too, but there are some big boots to fill. Just too many ordinary kicks. Mick put a real premium on not just kicking but the constant +1 off HB/wing always giving them an option to go to. Helped their ball movement a lot, and gave the illusion of being even better kicks.


Shut down Cloke and you pre much end up winning the match. They’ve trialled Lynch and White for the 2nd KPF but both failed miserably. Moore is an exciting prospect but won’t be ready for AFL action until mid-year IMO.

Their midfield is a lot weaker now (with Ball, Beams and Lumumba departing) despite picking up Greenwood. Ruck stocks aren’t terrible but neither Grundy or Witts exactly standout.

Having N.Brown back to play alongside Frost and Keefe will definitely strengthen their defence but not quite sure it’ll be enough to reach the 8. Their injuries get worse and honestly don’t rate Buckly as a coach.

Prediction: 11th.

They’ll be in for a tough year but aren’t as ****ed as everyone wants to believe they are. Nathan Brown’s return will help a lot, but to say they desperate need Reid back is an understatement.

Buckley has been forced to bite the bullet on a lot of young kids (I’ll let others speculate why), but given their shrewd trading to get high picks, won’t be out of finals contention for very long.

Nathan Brown is soooo meh IMHO.
Keeffe & Frost are pretty good IMHO. Langdon goes well too.

For a spud who is no good at all, they really fell apart without Maxwell when he left. Under-rated.

B Goldsack Keefe Langdon
HB Fasolo Reid Young
C Sidebottom Greenwood Adams
HF Elliott Cloke Varcoe
F Blair White Williams
R Grundy Pendelbury Swan
Int Crisp Toovey Karnezis
Sub Seedsman
Emg Witts, Frost Scharanberg

Inj Macaffer, Brown

To be honest i would be looking at getting games into their young high draft picks Scharanberg, Broomhead, Moore and Degoey, build for the future
Just depends if they can get some wins on the board early, otherwise it will be a development year.
I will give grundy nudge ahead of witts, but toss of the coin last year. I think grundy should end up the better ruckman.

list feels really workmanlike without yesteryear stars - Beams/Ball/Lumumba(O’Brien) Shaw/Thomas

Completely forgot about Varcoe initially will be interesting how he, greenwood and crisp fit into the team…varcoe could be good extra pace / otherwise could fall out of afl system like tambling at adelaide.

Pies to finish 10th - 15th Jungle drums beating about Buckley come end of year, especially if carlton miracously make finals :).

actually id replace goldsack with frost

Hap hit the nail on the head - Kicking - Collingwood are an awful kicking side - They need lots of work in this area - And of course their coach managed to unnecessarily lose nearly half a premiership team from 2011. They will go backwards before they go forwards.

8 or 9 wins.,

As I said in the Reid thread; they’re in shambles at the moment
6 guys have done calves over the pre-season, Darcy Moore’s “toe” is actually a foot stress fracture, and there is 18 guys on modified programs
To cap it off, Bucks has so little faith in the Fitness staff that he’s running the gym sessions lol

A reply to: @Henry’s Angry Pills regarding QuoteLink

Nathan Brown is soooo meh IMHO. Keeffe & Frost are pretty good IMHO. Langdon goes well too.

For a spud who is no good at all, they really fell apart without Maxwell when he left. Under-rated.

I would think the 10 or so other guys that have gone have had a huge impact.

though for me, there are only two people I can pin the decline of Collingwood to… Mcfat fark chins and Nafan.

Buckley is not a coaches ■■■■■■■■. Could not relate to players as a captain, surprise surprise can’t as coach.

Voss was a dud as a coach too.

Only one of the vaunted three will remain (once we fark off SALADA).

Hope they stink it up, but they will be mid table as still have match winners to win enough games.

Hope we farken bury them both times this year.