Season 2015 - Greater Western Sydney

Greater Western Sydney

Coach - Leon Cameron

2014 -
Points for - 14th
Points Against - 17th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Shane Mumford
  2. Callan Ward
  3. Devon Smith
  4. Adam Treloar
  5. Heath Shaw

2013/2014 Rising Star Noms
Lachie Whitfield
Adam Tomlinson
Zachary Williams
Joshua Kelly
Jonathon Patton

Joel Patfull, Ryan Griffin, Jarrod Pickett, Caleb Marchbank, Paul Ahern, Patrick McKenna, Jack Steele, Jeremy Finlayson

Jono O’Rourke, Kristian Jaksch, Mark Whiley, Tom Boyd, Jonathon Giles, Sam Frost, Josh Hunt, Steve Gilham

My prediction

It is hard to know if this is the year when the Giants go bang, all the ingredients are there. They will need to tighten up defensively which will improve as they get older and tougher. They need to improve above that natural development and will be interesting to see how that happens.

The coach has certainly performed his apprenticeship and looks to have them playing a more structured brand of football. I imagine they would have been disappointed with the loss of talent at trade time but certainly used their picks well. I think Boyd is a significant loss especially with Pattons knees refusing to cooperate. Patfull and Griffin will both add significantly to the team.

I think they are going to challenge for the finals this year. I dont think they will make it and will likely fall into the 10-12 range. This is the last development year.

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I reckon people are massively over rating them. Bottom three definately. They will be good, just not yet

They might not go ahead but I can’t see them going backwards from 6 wins.
Griffen will help a heap, Patfull should too.

I reckon Dogs and Blues will be digging (along with St K and maybe Melbourne)

Will do better than Melbourne again.

See more players leaving next season

I reckon people are massively over rating them. Bottom three definately. They will be good, just not yet


Miss out on finals next two years, considered under-achievers, coach sacked, replaced with seasoned veteran, make finals 3rd year from now, win flag 4 years from now.

Best 22

B Patful Davis Bugg
HB Shaw Tomlinson Kennedy
C Treloar Scully Whitfield
HF Hoskin-Elliott Patton Kelly
F Lamb Cameron Smith
R Mumford Ward Griffen
Int: Cogniglio Greene Shiel
Sub Pickett
Emg: Palmer, Buntine, Ahern

If patful Davis and Shaw stay on the park backline is experienced.
I think they may look at developing a yound mid as a HBF. Due to plethora of options - Cogniglio, greene and shiel on the bench.
good top end quality, if they get some injuries depth will test them…like us lack good Key position depth. albeit they would have highly rated untried youngsters, who don’t have the bodies yet.

Giles, Boyd, Gilham, Frost and Jaksch leaving is huge. That’s a lot of KPP.

They’re midfield is scary when you base it on potential. Who will play alongside Cameron in the fwd line? Patton will miss most of 2015 which gives McCarthy, Lobb and Stewart a chance but are they AFL ready?

Biggest weakness is their KPB. Davis is injury riddled, Patful won’t be there for too long now and Tomlinson is a better fwd than def.

Don’t think they’ll go far tbh despite their excellent midfield. Prediction: 16th.

How long are Patton and Mohr out for?
I think they’re still pretty good for talls.

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How long are Patton and Mohr out for? Plowman? I think they're still pretty good for talls.
Completely forgot about Mohr. Did his knee rd 18 2014 so won't be back till very late 2015. Same with Patton. Plowman only 192cm so probably not tall enough for KPF.

Plowman is a utility isn’t he. Wouldn’t think n of as a KPP

Frost is a loss, bizarre trade IMHO given they already had depth talls going.
Didn’t lose anyone else too important, but they did add 2 recent B&Fs with good years left, and a pick 6, and money off their cap, hard to see that as anything but banditry.
Boyd played 9 games for about 6 kicks, his loss might hurt them in 2018, but really, settle the frig down people.
Got a dozen very very talented kids around the 20-60 game mark, any number of them could go boom, if they do…
Maturing side, percentage went from 51% to 77% last year, should be aiming for 8-10 wins this year.
Outside sneaky at September. Hell of a lot more to look forward to than WB/StK/Melb IMHO.

Give them 8 to 9 wins.

Midfield good, forwards OK and defence shaky.

Very blue collar team that lack breakaway speed.Need guys like Whitfield/Kelly to step up.

Need Slim Shady to stand up, also.

B: Bugg Patfull Tomlinson
HB: Shaw Davis Hampton
C: Griffen Ward Treloar
HF: Kennedy Cameron Smith
F: Hoskin-Elliott Patton Whitfield

R: Mumford Shiel Scully

I: Greene Coniglio Kelly

Backup talls are solid - Mohr, Corr & Marchbank down back, Plowman & Stewart forward; 3 rucks that I know next to nothing about. A hell of a lot more than we’ve got!!
Smalls - Buntine, Palmer, Townsend, Haynes, Addison, plus Ahern & Pickett from the last draft, plus a bunch of other kids. Solid enough in numbers, not quite the strength through 30 or so blokes that the top end clubs have.
They are a bit blue collar, agree with yaco. If he’s got his heart in it, Griffen will help a hell of a lot, made Boyd/Cross look good for a lot of his career. Need strong contribution from the really blue chip kids, Coniglio, Whitfield and Kelly.

They will need to replicate basically what GC did this year.

I think the AFL were getting fed up with them trading players and getting picks, AFL wants them to be successful very very soon, not in 6 years time.

They would want to be pushing finals this year, maybe 8-10 and then make finals in 2016.

This could be the year they beat us.

I reckon they are going to really give it a nudge this year. Patton being out is a huge loss (and it’s Shit for footy) but if Cameron even finds half the form of 2013, look out.

% outside the top 4 after round 10, can’t see anyone predicted that. They’ve got depth too, their seconds won vs Brisbane’s seconds by 192 points over the weekend. They’re going to be good - scary good.

Yet they still can’t get much more than 9000 people to come and watch their home games.

Set themselves up beautifully by putting the right experienced people in early and choosing Sheeds to set the culture up.

Reckon they have looked wobbly.

They struggle with pressing teams.