Season 2015 - Hawthorn


Coach - Alastair Clarkson

2014 -
Points for - 1st
Points Against - 6th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Jordan Lewis
  2. Grant Birchall
  3. Jarryd Roughead
  4. Luke Hodge
  5. Isaac Smith

2013/2014 Rising Star Noms

Jed Anderson
Bradley Hill

Jono O’Rourke, James Frawley, Daniel Howe, Teia Miles, Marc Pittonet, Jared Hardisty (rk), Jermaine Miller-Lewis (rk), Lachlan Langford (rk)

Brad Sewell, Mitch Hallahan, Luke Lowden, Kyle Cheney, Dayle Garlett, Jordan Kelly, Derick Wanganeen, Ben Ross

My prediction

I hate Hawthorn. Really hate them. More than Carlton or Collingwood or any other team I hate Hawthorn which makes this period of football just awful to watch. They have list management down to a fine art. They lost close to the best player in the competition and actually got better. They are struggling a little down back so they go out and get a FA defender and top up. They have used GWS for Anderson and now O’Rourke. Someone needs to stop them, now.

Clarkson has nothing left to prove, he is an angry little man but a good coach. He has adapted his game plan and stayed a step ahead to ensure they are always at the pointy end. Last year they had tons of injury problems and still found a way to bring more players in and not lose too much ground. Clearly depth is not an issue there.

Realistically this early in the season on the balance of everything there is probably only one team that can stop them. Of course we know in football nothing is that certain but Hawthorn will finish top two and you can raffle whether it is first or second.

I hate them.

What a bullsh!t artist Fagan is with his first concern being about Guerra.

His first and only concern was the club’s image when he knew that Guerra was about to announce his addiction to the general public.

More farkin’ AFL spin.

These carnts do not give a flying fark about the players, just the damage that their problems may have on how the clubs and the AFL are perceived.

I guess Hawthorn isn’t the family club, it’s the gambling club:

BRENT Guerra’s confronting revelations about his gambling addiction hit a nerve — on many fronts.

Players, everyday people, family members, mates and girlfriends all made important steps, as the scourge of gambling once again struck all of the community.

Guerra received hundreds of texts and countless phone calls, some for support and some asking for help.

It was the first day of the rest of his life.

“It’s been overwhelming,’’ he said. “I was nervous but it’s been a good day. I got emails from people who are in the same position and the phone hasn’t stopped from people offering support.

“Something like this is life-changing for the good and I will help other people, other players.’’

One of his first phone calls was from Hawthorn football manager Chris Fagan. It was an interesting conversation because Guerra had laid out his issue for the world to read and the Hawks had some concerns about how it reflected on the footy club.

But Fagan’s first thoughts were for Guerra.

Fagan spoke to Guerra in 2014 when Guerra was a part-time development coach and it was Fagan who put him in contact with Jan Beames, who mentors people with gambling addictions.

“I knew he had a gambling issue, but I didn’t know the extent of it,’’ Fagan said.

“It’s a good thing by ‘Goo’. It was brave to come out and we commend him for it, and if it makes others to make a call to get help, then that is a good thing.’’

His second thought was the Hawks, which he needed to broach with Guerra.

“One thing we were concerned about when we read the story is that it insinuated Hawthorn’s got a gambling culture currently, and it hasn’t,’’ Fagan said.

“It did have one, but it hasn’t any longer.

“We know some of our players have a bet, which is normal behaviour, and we know we’ve got one or two players who we’ve had to help and who we’re currently still helping who have an issue with gambling, but they’re under control at the moment.

“I wasn’t having a crack. We just needed to know if Hawthorn had a gambling culture and he said no, it was nowhere near like what it was when he first arrived.’’

The Hawks are already on the front foot with gambling.

The leadership group has suggested the club — perhaps the player welfare manager — be given access to players’ online betting accounts.

It’s a privacy issue which will require discussion with the AFL and the AFL Players Association, but the Hawks players are strong on it.

“If that happened that would alleviate a lot of the problems,’’ Fagan said.

“It’s an issue the AFL should consider because it’s a whole industry issue which should have a whole industry solution.’’

Player managers also play an important role. They already receive players bank statements and often take a lion’s share of players’ wages and put them in an account which can’t be accessed by the players without the consent of the managers.

Still, football’s most prominent gambling ambassador David Schwarz says player managers can do more.

Schwarz said Guerra’s story in the Herald Sun, which prompted an enormous social media response, put a face to the problem.

“Understand one thing, he agonised over the decision to tell his story,’’ Schwarz said. “It’s tough. You lay your whole life on the line. You’re baring your soul and I don’t think a lot of people would understand how difficult that is.’’

Schwarz said club on-field leaders were crucial. “They are the eyes and ears of footy clubs.’’

He said leadership groups needed players aged 30, 25 and 20 so the entire list was monitored.

“Whatever it is — drugs, gambling, alcohol or sex — they are there as a sounding board.’’

No arguments here, I reckon it is a key reason interest is waning.

I think it's terrible what he's done but let's be careful about the comparisons with ratten. Kid in ratten case was underage, unlicensed and doing 120 around a mountain wasn't he? They are both serious traffic offences but not really analogous (though that won't stop caro from saying so).

One was the victim of a car accident, the other contributed by driving under the influence, a large portion of the road toll is due to DUIs, both are very closely linked, without being the same.

I hate 'em also. Like you, more than ‘the other two’.

I also think that they’ll miss out top two this year, and make 3 or 4.

I hate them.

I hate everything about this mob, but it’s mostly because they’re good so I deeply miss 2004 model Hawthorn. Don’t like that they’ve got us covered off the field either.

When people say we don’t want to wish injuries upon people, it’s complete rubbish. I’d love to see them ravaged with them. Glad I only know 1 Hawthorn supporter as well because any more would be unbearable.

Grand Final Team

B: Gibson Lake Birchall
HB: Mitchell Stratton Hodge
C: Hill Langford Smith
HF: Breust Gunston Lewis
FF: McEvoy Roughead Puopolo
Foll: Hale Shiels Burgoyne
Int: Rioli Duryea Spangher Suckling
Emerg: Ceglar Simpkin Sewell

Rd 1 Best 22
B: Gibson Lake Birchall
HB: Mitchell Frawley Hodge
C: Hill Langford Smith
HF: Breust Gunston Lewis
FF: McEvoy Roughead Puopolo
Foll: Hale Shiels Burgoyne
Int: Rioli Whitecross Suckling Anderson
Emerg: Ceglar Simpkin Stratton

Ins Frawley, Whitecross, Anderson
Outs Stratton, Spangher, Duryea
Im probably a bit bias on Anderson, but think he will be good if can get on the park.
Also like look of Hartung.

Hawks have done a good job of reducing reliance on Mitchell and Hodge. And have some good prospects coming through when they retire. I think they still can struggle extracting the ball without mitchell. Shiels is good at this but with him and Mitchell out they needed to throw burgoyne in there, what a luxury to have.
I was surprised to see Lewis elite year last year. its like he got serious, more motivated, future captain for mine.
Langford was the special player for mine he started off as a tagger but really blossomed into a match winner in the finals. They have found another one.
Up coming retirements - Hodge/Mitchell/Burgoyne/Hale
Replacements - Ceglar, Anderson, hartung, O’Rourke Maybe

No Doubt they will keep topping up free agents with players wishing to get to Hawthorn. IF hodge/mitchell/burgoyne go and free up cap space.

I hate them also, but I love the way they play football. Been jealous of their supporters for years now.

Quoted Post

I hate them also, but I love the way they play football. Been jealous of their supporters for years now.

Pretty much this. C*nts

Spangher was delisted?

I think we all hate em.

But have to respect how they go about their business. Showed the entire AFL World how good they are by not beating $ydney, but by belting them.

A fwd line of:
HF: Rioli Roughhead Puopolo
FF: Gunston Hale Bruest
is simply the best fwd line in the AFL.

Mids are ageing though. Sewell is gone, whilst Mitchell, Burgoyne and Hodge are getting past the 30 mark. However, they’re still delivering and still at their peak. Add in Hill, Smith, Lewis, O’Rourke and Shiels: their mids are still in top shape.

Backline becomes even stronger with the addition of Frawley. Along with Lake, Gibson, Stratton, Suckling and Birchall I can’t see too many teams getting past that.

Will make the GF again. Hate to see it, but with that list, I’m expecting them to win it. Prediction: 1st.

How the ■■■■ they can afford Frawley is absolutely beyond me.
They’ve half a dozen guys who’d command 6-800k on the open market (Lewis Roughead Burgoyne Mitchell Hodge Gibson Gunston) and about another 8-10 who’d be 400-600 players (Birchall Hale Lake Frawley Breust McEvoy Cyril Shiels Smith).
4 veterans (Mitchell Hodge Lewis Roughead) saves them a total of $450k.
Do we accept that every, single, player who ever gets a game plays for $200k unders?

I reckon Hodge is on the decline. Great in the GF, but patchy for the bulk of the year. Wouldn’t be surprised if 2015 is his last.
Mitchell’s slowly (very slowly) tailing off, still one of their best week to week. Burgoyne seems to be getting better. Lewis and Roughead the same. McEvoy was a stupidly good inclusion for not very much, Frawley’s another. Haven’t really seen enough of O’Rourke, who’d be surprised if he was another?


Premiers 2015 I reckon. ■■■■■■ jealous. But they did what most clubs dont… gut a list in 1 season and rebuild from there.

I think they may relatively struggle in 2015 - I worry about their aging midfield - Will make the finals but no certainty for the 4.

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Premiers 2015 I reckon. ■■■■■■ jealous. But they did what most clubs dont.. gut a list in 1 season and rebuild from there.
Huh? When have they gutted the list heavily?

Hate this mob. The most successful team in my lifetime by a long way. Really benefiting from free agency and will likely go a third flag if the hunger is still there…

Like most, I hate them with a passion. Or more accurately, their bogan supporters.

As for the team, I have come to grudgingly respect them of late - at least since their days of the “unsociable football” crap and Kennett, when I hated them to a degree difficult to adequately describe.

Their recruiting strategy and development programs continue to produce amazing results. Jealous. But like some here I think that their midfield will fall slightly off the pace this year. But still probably a top three finish, mainly due to their forwards’ potency.

Wish this had of happened.

^^^^^ man that fuggin cracked me up ta…