Season 2017 - Adelaide Crows


Coach – Don Pyke

Points For – 1st
Points Against – 6th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Rory Sloane
  2. Eddie Betts
  3. Tom Lynch
  4. Daniel Talia
  5. Taylor Walker

2016 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Jordan Gallucci, Myles Poholke, Elliot Himmelberg, Matthew Signorello, Ben Davis, Ben Jarman

Outs –Nathan Van Berlo, Matthew Jaensch, Luke Lowden, Keenan Ramsey, Ricky Henderson, Mitch Grigg, Jarryd Lyons

My Prediction

Adelaide is such a hard team to rate. They are consistent, their team is hard to break into which means it can be hard to get a gauge of their depth. They havent been quite good enough to make the top four but have such a settled team that it is hard to see where the improvement will come from.

Their backline is steady. It is probably the area that needs to improve if they are to make the top four. They look light on for KP depth back there with Hartigan, Talia and Lever, they would love Andy Otten to find some of the touch that made him such a promising player earlier in his career. They have handy users off half back with Seedsman and Smith. Not exactly a mind blowing backline and I am not sure there is a massive amount of improvement to be made.

The midfield is a little one paced but they are hard at it and not often beaten. Sloane was huge last year, I know a lot of Adelaide people who told me he was more valuable than Dangerfield. Of course they were kidding themselves but he was very good. They will be hoping to have both Crouch boys running amok together this year, along with Thompson they are covered for hard nosed mids. I think they will look to add another dimension this year and hope that Milera and Cameron can push towards the midfield and give them a little more pace.

The rucks are ok as long as Jacobs stays upright. If he doesnt they have Jenkins but then who would they have to duck out the back at marking contests and kick cheap goals? Jenkins is a much more valuable forward then ruck so if there is one player they cant afford an injury to it is Jacobs.

The forward line is best in show, they were already strong with Jenkins, Tex and Lynch before they found McGovern who kicked 32 in his first year. They then have the best small forward in the game with Betts and have Milera and Cameron running around at the feet of the big guys. They will continue to kick winning scores and one end and just need the backline to do their job in restricting the other end.

So we have have a team with a great forward line, an average backline and a slightly above average midfield. They do what they do well and I think Pyke could not have squeezed anything else out of them last year. I dont see them dropping unless injury comes into play, they had a pretty good run injury wise last year. Even last year when they were having a run at the top four, I couldnt bring myself to rate them highly, for mine they just arent quite good enough and I dont see where the improvement will come from. Somewhere from 6th to 8th for mine.

Their back-up ruck whose name I can’t recall, Reilly maybe, is more than decent.
I concur with your assesment of the backline, they’re a KPB short. If Talia gets injured they’re rooted.
If not then they could easily make top 4. They were nearly top 2 last year.


Would like to think we can beat them at Etihad in Round 21. But the game in Adelaide early on will no doubt be a tough one to win.

Agree that they’re hard to get a read on. Could honestly finish anywhere from 1-10 IMO.

They will figure prominently in the finals. Injuries will be all that prevents them from making the top four.


18th-18th for mine

They will figure prominently in the finals. Injuries will be all that prevents them from making the top four.

I’m with the captain on this.

B: Laird Talia McGovern
HB: Seedsman Lever Smith
C: Douglas M Crouch B Crouch
HF: Lynch Walker Milera
F: Betts Jenkins Cameron
R: Jacobs Sloane Thompson
Int: McKay Brown, Otten Atkins
Emg: Hartigan, Cheney, Ellis-Yolmen

I have them Fourth next year, I guess I expect them to dominate at home, and just be as consistent as last year. ( I have us fifth, so hopefully we can go one better and make top 4).
Their forwardline is great. Defence is ok. And their Midfield is ok. It doesn’t bat very deep - Sloane, Thompson and Crouch boys are good. but lacks a little after that.

I see improvement coming from the Crouch boys, Milera, and their defenders. Would like to see Ellis Yolmen given a better chance.

I obviously don’t watch them that much as on paper don’t know much about Atkins and he played every game last year.

Will also be interesting to see if the cricket convert Alex Keath can get up for a game this year.

The Ins and outs aren’t very interesting, cant see some coming in and staring, and only players missed will be Lyons, and Vanberlo, albeit there were role players last year.

It’s the WCE McGovern who plays third tall back? Any reason to think Mitch can too?

Hartigan has to go back there with Cheney as back up or they’re getting cut up by forwardline talls.

Is Otten still alive?

^ you also appear to have mixed up the McGovern brothers lol

The WC McGovern is that cocky flog with a rude head that Jamar belted.

Sloane with a broken eye socket at training and Lever picked up a hammy injury

Sloane with a broken eye socket at training and Lever picked up a hammy injury

Two massive injuries there.

Cam Ellis Yeoman with a ACL and will miss the whole season. They had barely any injuries last year but are copping bucket loads this year

Comparisons being made with the 2000 Bombers. Very early in the season but right now they are in a league of their own. Actually enjoy watching them play… just not against us

They’ll slip up eventually. They travel away from home more than the 2000 Bombers did. It won’t be easy sustaining their current output.

GWS will catch up to them by the end of the year.

Amazing to see that they lose a player like Dangerfield in their midfield, yet they are still good enough to compete with the best midfields going around.
They’ve had their coach pass away midseason, draft picks taken from them (Tippett thing) and lost a youngster to GWS for nothing yet they’ve continued to not bottom out.

The club has a lot of fight in them.
If we aren’t any chance of winning the GF (and that’s a big if) then I hope they win it.


They’re good. Damn good. But you don’t win premierships in april. Long way to go but justified flag favorite right now

Sides often work better when you take that big star that hogs possessions and get given the ball by acolytes instead of other more viable options that are on just coz it’s him.

GCS would have been much better of w/out GAJ by nowIMO, I would almost bet my lefty on it.

They would have been better off getting 2 hard, leading (leadership leading*) 30 possy average mid guys for the money.

It stifles the development of the kids severely IMO.