Season 2017 - Fremantle


Decent caveat on that post, though.


You know how it goes when Peeto is a rap for a player yeah?, …

Soooo, when he has absolutely kiboshed them early??

Looks like a 100 game career for Harley is on the way. :laughing:


hahahah I was going to come out and put my hand up for Noonan but here it is guys.

Still stand by my qualification that this is tokenistic. Hasn’t he played 0 WAFL prior to this call up?

He gets 2 games and then their club is back to heart in mouth mode hoping he doesn’t ■■■■ up in the long, hot, alcohol fuelled party season. And if he does they hope they can smother the fallout.

Have seen him do some wack wacky things.


I see what you did there…


He’s played 4 WAFL games for memory.
But he’s been on a strict regime. It appears he doesn’t roam too far outside the 50m arc.

I agree. This season is all tokenistic. We won’t see him anywhere near his best until next season.
Unless he has another injury/personal setback…


He is a serious talent just not sure what Freo hope to achieve playing him in the 2nd last game other than deflecting attention away from their 104 pt loss.


I said it. I thought he was gone.


Last ditch effort trying to control the chaos by playing him. Problem is - as you said - he gets 2 games then it’s a 6+ month nervous wait before footy starts again…


How long until Ross announces his defection?


If Zac Dawson announces a club, I would be very suspicious.


Really hoping they can maintain their form




Hard-hitting investigative journalism, there.


The cornerstone of any good news article: Twitter reaction quotes.


That’s the most bogan thing I’ve seen in quite a while.


If that story can be used as an example of N Wilson’s judgement, expect to see him kick it the wrong way next season.