Season 2017 - Hawthorn


As good as Mitchell is, his disposals mean F-All as he often does almost nothing with them.

Great to see these flogs struggle though.


The only reason Jaeger is playing this year is because the Hawks know their supporters are so fair weather they will drop off big time. Need to show that Jaeger is ok come draft time when they have sweet f all.


Hawks mate of mine thinks mitchell is a real show for the Brownlow.

I wouldn’t have him top 5. Apparently 2nd favourite?

40 touches for him is like 25 for an average player, he’s the king of the 1-2 handball exchange out the back.


I reckon your mate isn’t far off the mark. He is a very good player, will be in the AA side and a genuine top 3 Brownlow chance. Does a lot of grunt work and brings players into the game. Would instantly be our best mid if he played for us


You really think he’s better than Zerrett or Zaha?

I just don’t get it, I’d take kicks over handballs every day of the week.


If you think he’s better than Zerrett, you’ve been drinking too much unfiltered Adelaide water !


Different types but I’d have him atleast equal to Zerrett if not slightly infront at this stage. Mitchell is a in and under contested ball beast and feeds it out to the silkier players. Zerrett has the better skills but is the link up player and creator rather than a extractor like Mitchell.
You add Mitchell to our side and WOW!


Who gets the ball from clearances and gives it to these players to kick?
Top 5 contested ball winner in the comp, skills aren’t as good as Zaka or Zerrett for sure


He’d be playing in the VFL if he was with us.
His possessions are worthless and our midfield Is just too strong.

He’d be lucky to get a vote at VFL level as well.


I hate the Hawks as much as the next but even I can acknowledge how good he is


Wasn’t that Footscray?


I agree with you. I think he’s a good chance to win the Brownlow.
But that ‘acknowledgement’ won’t be found here.



Pretty flowers Hawthorn.


I think Zach had serious ball winning ability which for whatever reason has been limited by the positions he played this year. Likewise with Darcy.


The match in question was versus Footscray (or Richmond, the week before).

Footscray, North and Hawthorn were let in the next year, so it’s reasonably unclear where the bribe(s), if any, came from.


Yep. Too slow, average kicking skills. That’s why Mutch may as well retire now.


The fact that there’s better users in a 10th placed side who’ve just sacked all their midfielders certainly gives an indication.


You can’t have a team full of outside players though, someone has to go and get the ball and give it to the better skilled players. He doesn’t have the best kick or skills in the comp but what he does have is a amazing knack of extracting the ball


Zerrett wins plenTy of his own ball - 4+ clearances a game.

Why I wouldn’t give him up is there’s only about a dozen guys who win it inside, and create outside, and defend to a pretty high level.
There’s plenty of guys who can do one or two of those things well or very well. Mitchell is one of the top 2 or 3 clearance players but traditionally the guys who win Brownlows are the guys who are able to elevate themselves to doing more than just that. I’m not sure he’s in that frame.


So you’re saying we shouldn’t delist all our inside mids?
straw man is full of straw.