Season 2017 - Hawthorn


Every side needs atleast 1 quality inside mid, 2 is a bonus. We are lacking in that area currently but hopefully it’s rectified soon


Yeah you’re right, we don’t have any at all.

Meanwhile Look at how much Hawthorj have improved by adding T Mitchell.


We are definitely lacking in that area, put him in our side and we are top 4 material.
Could add Dangerfield or Martin to the Hawks and they wouldn’t be in any better shape they have holes all over the ground. Take Mitchell out of that side and they are in spoon territory IMO


You’d love to have Mitchell in the team IMO

Better than any of our current inside mids, and if all he was doing was feeding handballs out or short kicks to others who could be more attacking with their possessions you’d take it.


Stop talkin dirty. That would be delicious.




Yeah, nah.
we’ve lost most of our games on turnovers.
Does he help much in that area?

He’s an upgrade on 2017 model Watson, and I won’t say more there, but we are far weaker outside than in - for the gameplan we’re trying to play.
For Hird’s gameplan, sure, but he had a totally different ball movement idea which needed a very different looking 22.


The issue was that at the start of the season Mitchell’s possessions didn’t really make a lot of difference. However as the season has gone on that has changed, and he is very damaging.

My personal opinion is that this took place because he had to learn a new game plan at Hawthorn as well as learning about his new team mates. He now knows the game plan well and also knows who to get the ball to and where to send that disposal.


Cant believe people think that Mitchell would not be in our best 22

I tend to over rate our list but fk me


Dangerfield leads the league in clearances and contested possessions. He has also kicked 37 goals. He and Mitchell are not even close in comparison. His season has been incredible.

Please explain to me how Dangerfield does not help Hawthorn when he is the far better player both inside (see above) and as an outside player that also hits the scoreboard?


Because I think the Hawks have a ordinary side and I don’t think 1 player would elivate them much further. Dangerfield is definitely better than Mitchell, no arguments there but even he is no miracle worker.


Not sure i’m convinced. I look at Martin at Richmond and Dangerfield at Geelong and reckon those two are the singular difference between those two teams being middle-of-the-pack plodders, and top 4. Geelong were actually middle-of-the-road plodders in 2015, then Dangerfield rocked in and put in back-to-back Brownlow seasons (even though he’s ineligible this year), and voila, top 4.

I think that has more to do with the peculiarities of the competition right now than anything else (i.e. no dominant teams and generally more even than it has been for 15-20 years), but i do think a player of Dangerfield’s ilk would be worth at least 3 wins to a mid-ranked team such as Hawthorn. Those 3 wins take you from 10-12, to 13-15, i.e. pretender to notional contender.


Was great seeing sicily get shown up for the flog he is


Omeara racked up loads of disposals and kicked goals in the vfl, so they say

The gloss wore off a bit. He was the 4th lowest rated player in the team that lost to fark carlton last Saturday.

By contrast to the week before, there was absolutely no mention of the “boom recrruit” after that disaster.


Vickery suspended for 2 games lol
What a shrewd investment he was, not even the Hawks magic dust can turn a spud into a footballer


I’d like to be joking, but apparently someone has had a quiet word and it’s been downgraded to one week.

Guessing it was someone from Port Melbourne, hoping they re-meet the Hawks in the grand final.

Vickery came 46th of 46 in Dreamteam points…


CEO chick bye-bye

Remaining HFC office chicks beware as the Lethlean is coming


Vickery is fantastic/


The boys club is alive and well. Hoping for a “tell all” expose. Of course all contracts have a “non disparagement” clause, and a non disclosure clause, to be doubly sure, so its not going to happen. But her cv is ■■■■ now and Hawthorn are teflon.


Don’t think that was the issue at all.