Season 2017 - Hawthorn


This is Hawthorn.

They probably lose the first 8, then win 14 in a row. Finish 8th and win the next three flags.

I hate them worse than Fark Carlton.


You take that back


Given the likelihood of Hawthorn sitting near the bottom of the ladder at the end of the season, how long do you think it will take before the AFL brings in 'protected picks' like in the NBA?


Rats. It would have been justice if Bains had gone to Hawthorn but continued to work for the benefit of the Saints...


Titchell and JOM sold a dream and it's all going to backfire.

The team they walked into is not this powerful force it was and the coach you feel will leave at years end as will some of their senior stars off their own back or being traded.

Both Titchell and JOM will have come expecting to be part of success and it will not be so, Hawks bottoming out and a complete rebuild needed, and a new likely untried senior coach probably coming in.

Sydney will bounce back as they get their injured players back in and should stay very competitive. And GC is very much an improving side with a stack of quality youth that are on the up.


Nah, that's Geelong. Hawks took two first round picks in 2015 (Burton and Lovell).


Et tu, Jeffery?



Okay, but, I'm not sure Essendon fans get to gloat over this.


What are we meant to gloat over then if not the demise of a hated enemy?


I reckon they will beat west coast


That's not what he said when he was running for Premier again in 99.



Yup, Wet Toast are terrible at the G.


He coached them to four flags and they were a great team so his coaching ability is not in question. But if the wheels fall off and he can't put them back on then he will be remembered for that as well as the four flags. As much because he took two of those wheels off, rolled them down the hill and then pointed at his two-wheel car and told everyone it was part of a genius plan.


Schadenfreude is all us EFC supporters have had for the last 10 years.


Yep, said he wanted to finish what he started and see through the move back to Moorabbin (WTF?).


Stunned Gibson got cleared I thought if you decided to bump you would be held accountable for high contact even if incidental I.e head clash

#139 no no! You got it slightly wrong! I fixed it above for you.


It's okay to knock people out as long as you use your head... and play for whoreforn