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it’s been a big pre-season for Melbourne



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Player trip to Bali apparently.


Football departments must hate this time of the year, waiting for that phone call.


Melbourne player investigated for alleged sexual assault
Peter Ryan

Victoria Police are investigating a player from the Melbourne football club over an alleged sexual assault that occurred overseas in September.

A Melbourne woman made the complaint to police.

The Demons confirmed to The Age that they were aware the police had received a report of the alleged incident, however no charges have been laid.

Melbourne informed the AFL’s integrity unit of the allegation as soon as they became aware of it, as part of the AFL’s new respect and responsibility complaints process that was introduced in October.

In this case the issue was considered serious enough to be immediately referred to Victoria Police.

The AFL referred the matter to Victoria Police.

Melbourne were tight-lipped about the details of the incident but provided a statement to Fairfax Media in relation to the allegation.

“The Melbourne Football Club is aware of allegations involved with the player and the club has referred the matter to the AFL Integrity Unit,” the statement said.

“The Melbourne Football Club will fully co-operate with the process and while this is undertaken the club will make no further comment in response to the matter.”

The police also confirmed that they had received a report on October 2 about an alleged sexual offence and had spoken to the complainant as a result.

In a statement, the Victoria Police said the complainant had not so far made a formal statement.

The complainant was also advised that the investigation would need to be directed by police in the country where the offence is alleged to have occurred.

The accused player has not been named but Melbourne were expected to inform staff on Thursday that an investigation was taking place.

“Victoria Police’s priority is the victim’s safety and welfare,” police said. "They are always in control of what happens next.

"The reality is that some victims come to us to have their story heard but they may not want to go through the process of the court case.

“We want victims to receive the assistance they deserve, whether that be from us or support services.”


Anyone got the goss?


Tough for this to go far seeing it falls under the jurisdiction of Indonesia. If it grows legs the Indonesian court system operates a touch differently to Australia.


Quick look Around Twitter and the same name pops up but wouldn’t name it here until official




Does it really matter?


Surely being a Melbourne player it would make more sense just to tell us the number


Hope it’s not one of our past players!


shut yer clam


For those of us who don’t have Twitter, can you give us a clue


Gawn, Hogan, harmes And kent were the 4 players in Bali. That’s fact, not rumour spreading. So it’ll be one of them who’s in trouble


Sooo he’s either gawn or a…kent?



Yep, all 4 have been questioned by police over the incident.


Out of harm’s way or just a rhyming bogan?


Promiscuous bogan?