Season 2017 - Melbourne


Get ready for it, it has started even before Christmas. Melbourne are the team to watch next year, they will be unstoppable. All aboard!


They should be pretty ■■■■■■ good.


I don’t doubt their talent.


If Gawn plays 20+ games their list is top 4 material.
But it is Melbourne so . . .


Why was she at their training, please? I expect you guys to be on the ball.


The problem with Melbourne is they lost their heart a long time ago


will have a tougher draw next year, lets see how they go then


one paced midfield with an unproven forward line and dubious backline.

will make the 8, to fill out numbers


Top 4, almost certainly.


Agreed, but I wasn’t talking about the Dees but the pathetic media who just cannot help themselves.


Losing Jack Watts worked out pretty well for them.




They were never going to achieve anything carrying that passenger for so long.



Blitz pls.