Season 2017 - Melbourne


That’s absolutely ****

Life is truly ****ed sometimes; feel for the kid what a dreadful few weeks


Not only the shock of the diagnosis, it takes years to fully recover mentally as well as physically .


Poor kid … and his poor Mum. Feel for the family.

Sam Rowe had it and back playing footy so he should be ok. Docs on radio this morn said good thing is its treatable and generally very positive recovery.


That’s awful. Hopefully he doesn’t have to undergo chemo for the sake of his football career.


All the best to Jesse, hopefully they have got to it early and all goes well.


All the best to the Hogan family.
football isnt important its only a game.
Get well soon.


Screw the football career.


Hopefully he can get back and win* a Tour de France or 7


Yeah, i understand that life is more important than football. My comment was getting at the fact that, if he has to undergo chemo, his career is probably cooked - chemo knocks the stuffing out of you so badly and for so long that returning to elite sport is extraordinarily difficult. For his sake, i hope his illness can be cured with a less aggressive treatment that gives him a fighting chance of making a successful return to AFL.


Melbourne are hopeful he’ll be back before end of year. Got it pretty early they reckon.

Fellas, feel your balls.


Hope it all works out for Jesse - what a rough couple of months it’s been for him.

On some more positive news for Melbourne - how good has Hibbo been for them? Can he come back please?


Wish him the best of luck. Cancer is a **** of a thing.


Just heard they got it very early, it hasn’t spread,… and he’ll be back soon.


Keep checking your agates guys, … and don’t delay if you feel ANYTHING unusual.

That’s the positive message from this.



Clayton Oliver comes across as a bit of a wanker. First he dives then he sledges on twitter to cover for the fact he took a dive.


Glass jaw was hit 2 days in a row.


The tribunal has totally ignored diving since Leroy. Now they have to either suspend a West Coast player or acknowledge a dive has taken place. Going to be interesting.


Yeah nah.

Nothing to see here.




Taken the easy route and suspended Schofield.